Computer Science


  • Engineering Transfer Student Change of Major
    For all students who matriculated to UC Davis as transfer students, in order to change your major to Computer Science and Engineering, you must: Be a registered student and have completed at least one quarter (minimum of 12 units) at UC Davis. Have completed not more than 135 cumulative units, excluding AP units. Be in good academic standing and ...
  • ECS 188 Mandatory Attendance
    Starting Fall Quarter 2017, all ECS 188 sections will have mandatory attendance on the first day of instruction. Failure to attend on the first day of instruction may result in being dropped from the class to accommodate those on the waitlist who have attended.
  • Plan for Transfer Student Success!
    Starting at a Community College and then transferring to a four-year University is a great way to get a college education at a reasonable cost. Here at the UC Davis College of Letters and Science, you can transfer into the Computer Science major as a third-year student. If you come with the right preparation, you ...
  • Computational Biology Minor Offered by the Department of Computer Science
    Overview: Technological advances in the past 15 years have revolutionized biological sciences, as they have allowed large-scale simulations and high-throughput experiments throughout the Tree of Life. Unarguably, there is a need for computational methods that enable us to efficiently store, analyze and visualize the plethora of biological information available. Scientific methods from many areas of ...