Computer Science

Open Faculty Positions

UC Davis Computer Science is recruiting four new faculty members this year. In addition, there are three interdisciplinary faculty positions which may be filled by someone with a partial (or in some cases full) appointment in Computer Science.

We are actively seeking faculty who aspire to educate a student body rich in diversity with respect to gender, ethnicity, first-generation students, socioeconomic status, and academic interests.

UC Davis is the 10th ranked public university in the United States. The Computer Science Department has 32 faculty and over 200 graduate students. The university is organized for easy collaboration and student co-supervision across the campus, which includes medical, veterinary and law schools and the largest concentration of biological sciences in the country. The city of Davis is a lively college town with easy access to the San Francisco Bay Area and to Sacramento, offering ample opportunities for industrial collaboration and recreation.

Open positions in Computer Science

Open Area Recruitment: We seek excellent candidates in all areas of computer science at the rank of Assistant, Associate or Full professor in Computer Science; the focus of this position is on active scholars at the near-tenure level or above.

Machine learning, Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics: This position is at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor. We are considering all areas of machine learning and computational linguistics, with a special emphasis on natural language processing, information retrieval, text analytics and text mining.

High Performance Computing: We are seeking an Assistant or Associate Professor in the area of high performance computing, broadly construed.

Databases: We are seeking an Assistant or Associate Professor who works with databases, interpreted broadly to include distributed systems issues, security and privacy, and specific data types such as graphs, spatial data, images, biometrics, genomics and medical data.

Interdisciplinary Positions:

Game Technologies: We are seeking candidates at the Assistant, Associate or Full level, working on the fundamental technologies that underlie modern digital games. Areas of specialization could include one or more of the following: game development, computer graphics and animation for games, artificial intelligence for games, game engine design, developer tools, player modeling, game character technologies ranging from agent architectures to natural language processing to affect models, or other related research areas. This position could be up to 100% in the Department of Computer Science.

Computational Neuroscience: We are recruiting in computational neuroscience, focusing on innovative new data analysis and modeling methods for linking cognitive and/or affective processes to their underlying neural substrates (such as those arising from noninvasive neuroimaging techniques or invasive multi-electrode recordings). This appointment will be at the Assistant Professor level and will be 50% in Psychology and 50% in either Statistics or Computer Science.