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2005-06 Distinguished Lecturer Series and Colloquia

Distinguished Lecturer Series

Date Speaker Topic
January 19, 2006 Jim Gray
Distinguished Engineer in Microsoft's Scalable Servers Research Group, and manager of Microsoft's Bay Area Research Center
eScience -- The Next Decade is Going to Be Exciting
February 16, 2006 Vipin Kumar
William Norris Professor and Head of Computer Science and Engineering Department
University of Minnesota
High-Performance Data Mining for Cyber Security
April 20, 2006 Jeff Hawkins
Numenta, Inc.
Hierarchical Temporal Memory: A new computational paradigm based on cortical theory
May 18, 2006 Ben Shneiderman, Professor
Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland
The Thrill of Discovery: Information Visualization for High-Dimensional Spaces

2005-06 Colloquium Speakers

Date Speaker Topic
September 30 Chun Tung Chou, PhD Multicast in Multi-rate Wireless Mesh Networks
October 6 Michael Hogarth, MD A Study of Clinically Related Open Source Projects
October 13 Owen Carmichael Image Processing Methods For Large-Scale Studies of Neurodegenerative Disease
October 20 Chun Tung Chou, PhD Security And Usability: How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
October 27 Hemant Bhargava Sponsored Search: Recommendation Bias by Information Gatekeepers
November 10 Yinghui (Catherine) Yang A Pattern-based Clustering Approach for Web Transactions
December 1 Vladlen Koltun The Arrangement Method for Linear Programming
December 8 Demet Aksoy PLASMA: A PLAnetary Scale Monitoring Architecture
January 12 Andrew Meade A Method of Weighted Residuals Approach to Machine Learning With Aerospace Application
February 2 Nelson Max Hexahedron Projection for Curvilinear Grids
February 9 Jiangtao (Gene) Wen Entropy Coding Revisited for the Networked World
February 23 Steven Swason, Faculty Candidate Rethinking Processor and System Architecture
February 28 Odelia Schwartz, Faculty Candidate Neural Representation of Visual Information
March 2 Ali Butt, Faculty Candidate Towards Efficient Buffer Cache Management: Trends, Pitfalls, and New Directions
March 7 Haifeng Yu, Faculty Candidate Robust Distributed Systems despite Correlated Failures
March 9 David Bindel, Faculty Candidate Computer Aided Design of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems: Eigenvalues, Energy Losses, and Dick Tracy Watches
March 14 Rakesh Kumar, Faculty Candidate Heterogeneous Multi-core Computing
March 16 Tadayoshi Kohno, Faculty Candidate SSH Security, TCP Leaks, and Not-so-AccuVotes: Computer Security from Proofs to People
March 21 Pin Zhou, Faculty Candidate Improving Software Dependability with Hardware Support
April 4 Gabriel Kreiman, Faculty Candidate Deciphering Biological Codes for Pattern Recognition
April 6 Junmei Zhu, Faculty Candidate Invariant Visual Recognition in Light of Brain Organization
April 10 Yannis Smaragdakis, Faculty Candidate Language Tools for Distributed Computing and Program Generation
April 25 Richard Furuta Recontextualizing the Web: Experience with Walden's Paths
April 26 Alex Szalay On-Line Science with Terabytes of Data
April 27 Hany Farid Digital Image Forensics

2004-05 Colloquia