Computer Science

Colloquium Speaker Prof. Anders Moller from Aarhus University, Denmark

Title: Program Analysis for JavaScript Web Applications

When: 12:10-1:30, February 26th

Where: 107 Cruess 

Host: Zhendong Su

Abstract: JavaScript supports a powerful mix of object-oriented and functional programming, which provides flexibility for the programmers but also makes it difficult to reason about the behavior of the programs without actually running them. One of the main challenging for program analysis tools is to handle the complex programming patterns that are found in widely used libraries, such as jQuery, without losing critical precision. Another challenge is the use of dynamic language features, such as ’eval’. This talk presents an overview of the challenges and the techniques used in the TAJS research project that aims to develop sound and effective program analysis techniques for JavaScript web applications.

Short bio: Anders Møller is associate professor at Aarhus University, Denmark, and manager of Center for Advanced Software Analysis. His work focuses on static analysis and automated testing for web and mobile applications, aiming to improve software quality and programmer productivity. More info:

Cruess Hall

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