Computer Science

Computer Science Seminar: Dr. Sam King

Computer Science Seminar: Dr. Sam King from Lyft

Host: Prof. Hao Chen

When: Thursday, February 9th at 3:10pm

Where: 1131 Kemper Hall

Title: Fighting bad guys: How to secure products at scale

In this talk, I will describe some of the security problems we faced
at Lyft and Twitter, and the techniques we used to solve them. I will
also discuss previous research on designing and defending against
malicious hardware.
Sam King is Head of Fraud and Identity at Lyft. Previously, he held
the same title at Twitter. Before working in industry, Sam was a
tenured professor at the University of Illinois where his research
interest spanned a wide range of topics from security and operating
systems to hardware and networking. Sam also started a company based
on his research, which was acquired by Twitter in 2014.

1131 Kemper Hall

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