Expanded Course Descriptions

We make every effort to offer courses in the quarter listed on the expanded course description. However, courses are subject to change based on instructional issues without notice.

Student Outcomes

NOTE: The textbooks listed on the detailed course descriptions are subject to change. For a textbook list for a specific course offering, consult the instructor or the course syllabus.

Lower Division Courses in Computer Science

Upper Division Courses in Computer Science

Graduate Courses in Computer Science

GGCS Courses

  • ECS 289/MAE 298 Network and Theory Applications, Winter 2011
  • EEC 273: Networking Architecture & Resource Management, Spring 2011
  • EEC 173B/ECS152C: Design Projects in Communication Networks, Spring 2011
  • EEC 277: Graphics Architecture, Winter 2011
  • EEC 171: Parallel Architectures, Spring 2011
  • MGT 269: Business Intelligence Technologies – Data Mining
  • MGT 469: Practicum for 269