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Zhendong Su

Zhendong Su

Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2002

Professor Su's main research interests are in Programming Languages and Software Engineering. In particular, he is interested in efficient algorithms and scalable tools for software analysis and validation: error detection and programming understanding tools, scalable constraint-based program analysis, advanced type systems, programming language design and implementation, formal methods, model checking, theorem proving, decision procedures, tree automata techniques and applications, and language semantics. For future research, he plans to study both theoretical and practical issues in building high-quality software and to find interesting applications for his research in other areas such as computer security. He is the recipient of a Presidential Scholarship from UT Austin, a Regent's Fellowship from UC Berkeley, and the Best Paper Award at the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software (ETAPS). Professor Su is a member of ACM and ACM SIGPLAN.

Professor Su's personal web page

Office: 3011 Kemper Hall
Phone: 754-5376