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Undergraduate Program

The Department of Computer Science administers two curricula: Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), in the College of Engineering, and Computer Science (CS), in the College of Letters and Science, and offers a minor in Computer Science and a minor in Computational Biology. There are over 800 students between the two majors. Additionally, the Department offers graduate study leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in computer science. Both the CS and CSE majors give students a broad background in computer science with the opportunity to choose electives in a variety of specialized areas. As in the computer industry, the interactions between software and hardware are very strong in the CS and CSE majors.

Computer Science (College of Letters & Science)

The Computer Science (CS) major is designed to prepare students for careers involving the design of computer systems and their application to science, industry and management. Students taking this major receive solid grounding in fundamentals of computer languages, operating systems, and the formal mathematical tools required to use the computer in solving complex tasks. Emphasis in this major is on software, although introductory architecture is included. The computer science program prepares students for work in industry or postgraduate study.

Computer Science and Engineering (College of Engineering)

The field of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) encompasses the organization, design, analysis, theory, programming, and application of digital computers and computing systems. A key theme of this curriculum is the hardware/software interaction in computer systems design, a theme reflected in the balance between computer hardware and computer software aspects in the course requirements. The CSE major also requires additional General Education electives, helping to develop the verbal skills and intellectual breadth demanded by employers. The Computer Science and Engineering program prepares students to do further work in hardware, software, or electronics, either in industry or in postgraduate study.

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