A new interactive Web site that lets you rank computer science departments based on recent publications in top conferences shows off some of the many strengths of the UC Davis Computer Science Department.

We’re number #1 in software engineering, out of the top 100 computer science departments in the US!  This reflects the great work of our software engineering and programming languages group.  Under the leadership of faculty members Premkumar Devanbu, Zhendong Su, Vladimir Filkov and Cindy Rubio Gonzalez, they use everything from mathematical proofs to machine learning to sociology to find ways to make programming easier, faster and bug-free.

And, we’re #2 in computer visualization! Our excellent visualization and graphics group, including Kwan-Liu Ma, Bernd Hamann, Nelson Max, Nina Amenta and Michael Neff, visualize everything from air flow around a windmill to the interconnections of gene networks, with Prof. Ma’s recent work in visual storytelling making a big impact.

In cryptography, we’re #15, based on the pioneering work of Professors Phil Rogaway and Matt Franklin.

Overall, we come in at #34, about where US News puts us.  And as we add faculty and get into big areas where we aren’t really involved (yet!), like databases and robotics, we think we’re in a great position to move up!