Lecture: 3 hours

Project: 1 hour

Prerequisite: Course ECS 201A

Grading: Letter; final project paper and presentation (80%), assignments (20%)

Catalog Description:
Evolution of parallel architectures from special-purpose machines to commodity servers.
Emphasis on recent machines and applications that drive them. Not open for credit to students who have completed course 250C.

Course seeks to explore the current research issues in parallel processing.

Expanded Course Description:

  1. Programming Models
  2. Active Messages
  3. Synchronization
  4. Commodity Components
  5. Shared-memory Multiprocessors
  6. Scientific Applications
  7. Network and Database Applications
  8. Shared Memory Versus Message Passing
  9. User-Level Shared Memory Protocols
  10. Message Co-processors
  11. User-extensible Operating Systems
  12. Network of Workstations
  13. Clusters of Symmetric Multiprocessors-processors

Readings of current research papers. Final paper and presentation critiquing three related readings and extending their area with a small project. Final project involving computer simulation or mathematical analysis.

Short-answer questions on each research paper.

Course notes

Instructor: F. Chong

Prepared by: F. Chong (January 2003)

Overlap Statement:
This course does not have a significant overlap with any other course.