Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisite: Course ECS 163 or ECS 175

Grading: Letter; homework (15%), classroom participation (10%), oral presentation (15%), project (60%)

Catalog Description:
Advanced topics in information visualization: perceptually effective display methods, color design and selection, interaction models and techniques, focus-context techniques, distortion methods, large graph visualization techniques, visual data mining methods, and evaluation methods.

Information visualization is becoming an integrated part of data-intensive computing and problem solving in many fields of study. This course prepares students to understand and conduct research in this area, and to create new techniques and apply them in various application fields.

Expanded Course Description:

  1. Data and Image Models
  2. Visual Perception and Cognition
  3. Process of Data Visualization
  4. Space Perception and Display of Data in Space
  5. Purpose of Color and Principles of Using Color in Visualization and UI Design
  6. Interaction Models
  7. Browsing and Navigation
  8. Multivariate and Multidimensional Data
  9. Trees and Graphs for Representing Hierarchies and Complex Relations
  10. Evaluation of Visualization Design

E Tufte, Envisioning Information, Graphics Press, 1990
C Ware, Information Visualization, 2nd Edition, Morgan Kaufmann, 2004

Engineering Design Statement:
In this research oriented course, the instructor lectures on a series of information visualization topics. Students are expected to read and present research papers and do homework assignments. For the project assignment students write a project proposal, meet with the instructor individually to discuss the project, write a report summarizing the results of the project and present the results to the class. Grading also includes class participation (i.e., discussion).

ABET Category Content:
Engineering Science: 2 units Engineering Design: 1 unit

Instructor: K-L. Ma

Prepared by: K-L. Ma (June 2005)

Overlap Statement:
Comparison of this course with other existing courses does not indicate any significant overlap. ECS 163 places significant emphasis on user interface design and provides adequate background for ECS 272. ECS 272 focuses on advanced research topics and prepares students for pursuing research in information visualization. ECS 273 was designed for non-CS major graduate students with the objective of exposing them to the latest visualization technology and how to apply the technology to particular application domains of their interest.

Revised: 6/05