Lecture: 3 hours

Laboratory: 3 hours

Prerequisite: Course ECS 175 or ECS 177 or ECS 178

Grading: Letter; homework (20%), project (40%), final (40%)

Catalog Description:
Advanced topics in computer graphics. Hidden surface models, rendering of various surface types, subdivision methods, shading techniques, anti-aliasing, modeling techniques.

Provide the basic tools for understanding of research topics in image synthesis. Prepare students to understand and conduct research in this area.

Expanded Course Description:

  1. Visible-Surface Models
    In depth study of the scanline algorithm, painter’s algorithm, depth-buffer algorithm, ray tracing, and space-subdivision method for visible-surface determination.
  2. Rendering of Various Surface Types
    1. Presentation of methods for the definition of curves and surfaces
      1. Polygon rendering
      2. Triangle strips
      3. Bezier curves and surfaces
      4. B-spline curves and surfaces
  3. Shading Models and Anti-Aliasing
    1. Shading Models
      Gouraud and Phong models, Cook-Torrance shading, color spaces, integration of these techniques into visible-surface models
    2. Anti-aliasing
  4. Modeling Techniques
    1. Discussions of modeling techniques for scene simulation
    2. Constructive solid geometry

J.C. Beatty and K.S. Booth, Tutorial: Computer Graphics, IEEE Computer Society EH0194-1, IEEE Computer Society Press.

A. Watt and M. Watt, Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques: Theory and Practice, Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1993.

Engineering Design Statement:
The individual student taking this class will design and document a component of a computer graphics modeling and rendering system. The specific component of the system to be designed is developed from the current research literature in computer graphics. The student will study the literature, develop a lecture based upon the problem, give the lecture to the class (including the individual’s design of the component), and implement his/her specific design on both the study of the literature and the feedback of the class. The projects, as assigned to the student are taken from the current state-of-the-art problems in the computer graphics field.

ABET Category Content
Engineering Science: 2 units
Engineering Design: 1 unit

Instructors: B. Hamann, K. Joy

Prepared By: B. Hamann, K. Joy (Feb. 1997)


Revised: 2/97