Lecture: 2 hours

Discussion/Lab: 1 hour

Prerequisite: Course ECS 60

Grading: Letter; projects (90%), classroom participation (10%)

Catalog Description:
Fundamentals of instructional methodology, applied to teaching computer science, especially at the introductory level. Behavioral objectives, testing methods, course design, evaluation, technology in instruction.

To learn fundamentals of teaching and learning, including preparation of behavioral objectives, methods of instruction, preparation of instructional aids, testing and evaluation.

To learn communication skills required to assist computer users in completing laboratory and other assignments dealing with computers.

To learn how to teach writing skills.

Expanded Course Description:
A major portion of the course is devoted to presenting basic concepts of instruction. The examples chosen will be from introductory computer science. Lecture topics and hours listed below are approximate.

  1. Introduction and overview (1 hour)
  2. Developing course objectives (2 hours)
  3. Course design (2 hours)
  4. Testing methods (2 hours)
  5. Design and evaluation of writing assignments (2 hours)
  6. Design of laboratory exercises (2 hours)
  7. Use of technology in instruction (2 hours)
  8. Teaching programming concepts (3 hours)
  9. Student presentations (3 hours)
  10. Course review/evaluation (1 hour)

iscussion/laboratory sessions will be devoted to hands-on practice with prepared laboratory exercise, presentation of student projects in laboratory design, programming exercises, and discussion of instructional methods presented in lectures.

Students will complete and present one laboratory exercise, one lecture, and one written assignment on computer applications to a non-computer science field.

Selected Readings from Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education:

SIGSE, published by Association for Computing Machinery.

J. Popham, Criterion Referenced Measurement: An Introduction, Ed Tech Publications, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

R. Kibler et al, Behaviorial Objectives and Instruction: Allyn and Bacon, Boston, MA.

N. MacKenzie et al, Teaching and Learning, UNESCO, 1971.

Various reprints and current journal articles.

Instructor: R. F. Walters