Matt Bishop, a professor in the Department of Computer Science, has won The College of Engineering Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award. Matt has been with us since 1994, and during those two decades has established himself as a renowned expert in computer security: a field whose crucial importance becomes more obvious by the day, in the wake of ever-larger hacking intrusions. Matt has long been aware of such vulnerabilities, and in 2007 led the “Red Team” that exposed glaring security flaws in electronic voting machines that had been proposed for use in California and elsewhere. His 2002 textbook, Computer Security: Art and Science, remains the field’s seminal resource manual, in great part due to his frequent revisions. He’s an enormously popular and effective instructor with both undergraduates and graduates, who — year after year — acknowledge him with top evaluations and praise for his informative lectures, and for being accessible and attentive to their needs. In a word, Matt is inspiring, and his students respond being dedicated, attentive and passionate.