Cindy comes from the University of California, Berkeley, where she was a Postdoctoral Scholar. She received her PhD from the University of Wisconson–Madison in August 2012.

“My research spans the areas of programming languages and software engineering, with a specific focus on program analysis. The goal of my research is to design and build program-analysis tools that help developers write more reliable and efficient software. For instance, I have developed program analyses to detect incorrect error handling in large software systems. In addition to finding hundreds of confirmed bugs in the Linux kernel and the Mozilla Firefox web browser, the analyses also found a critical bug in heavily tested code used for space missions by the NASA/JPL Laboratory. I have also developed analyses to improve the performance of numerical programs. One such tool is Precimonious, a dynamic analysis tool that explores the tradeoff between floating-point accuracy and performance of a program. Most recently, I have been exploring the use of database technologies to reduce resource requirements when analyzing large code bases. I am looking forward to bringing this research experience to the classroom, and working closely with students, faculty and staff at UC Davis!”  Assistant Professor Cindy Rubio Gonzalez




Yong Jae also comes from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was a Postdoctoral Scholar.  Yong Jae graduated with his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 2012.

“My research and teaching interests are in computer vision, machine learning, and computer graphics. The goal of my research is to produce robust visual recognition systems that can meaningfully make use of the vast and ever increasing unstructured image and video content (“big visual data”) currently available—for example, in scientific databases, news photo archives, or on the web—with minimal human supervision. Throughout my Ph.D. and postdoctoral work, I have advocated the protocol of “visual discovery”, which entails mining visual patterns that occur with some regularity within an unlabeled collection of images. I am really excited to be joining the UC Davis Computer Science family!”  Assistant Professor Yong Jae Lee