Robert Gonzales enjoyed playing the drums, flying model helicopters, and programing.  He has been interested in computers since the age of 8 when his grand parents purchased him a Tandy Color Computer for Christmas.  “As I learned to use it, a whole new world opened up for me and I was hooked.” Robert was always the tech-savvy family member and seas called upon to program the VCR, connect the cable box to the television, and hook up a stereo.  This gift did not immediately transfer to majoring in computer science in college.  “Neither of my parents had been to college, so I never actually considered going myself… (I) immediately went to word.”  Work meant low-paying jobs, all with computers.  Now, after 10 year of living paycheck to paycheck, and married with a 14 year-old daughter, Robert is at UCC Davis finishing his degree in Computer Science.  ” I have now been here at UC Davis for almost three quarters and my dream is just around the corner.  With the aid of grants, the transfer center, and the Osher scholarship, my first year has been even better than I could have imagined.  The Osher scholarship has relieved a big part of the financial burden that education can impose and has enabled me to not only dedicate more time to my education, but also to my family.  This has allowed me to achieve a balance in my life that I could only have dram end of and that I didn’t know was possible at this level of education.”
Gonzalez, Robert