• X11 Forwarding and Using Graphical Applications via SSH - This post is intended to explain what is needed to use any application with a graphical interface remotely on a CSIF machine using SSH. e.g. matlab Disclaimer: Using high intensity graphics applications will be extremely slow. e.g. Rendering a graph in matlab Windows: Make sure PuTTY and Xming are installed … Continue reading
  • Printing has Changed - We have made some large changes to printing in CSIF. For specifics: http://goo.gl/GL6Jsd tl;dr We have double-sided printing, printing from laptops, and a way to check quota without printing something.
  • Positions Open in the CSIF - There are currently 10 positions open for a Student Assistant IV position to work in the Computer Science Instructional Facility and the College of Engineering. Most positions will start work Immediately. The responsibilities of the position will be walk-up, email, and telephone support for the Computer Science Instructional Facility.  Also, … Continue reading
  • Summer Hours - The CSIF Labs are open 8am to 5pm over summer.

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