X11 Forwarding and Using Graphical Applications via SSH

This post is intended to explain what is needed to use any application with a graphical interface remotely on a CSIF machine using SSH. e.g. matlab

Disclaimer: Using high intensity graphics applications will be extremely slow. e.g. Rendering a graph in matlab



  • Make sure XQuartz is installed and up to date
  • SSH to a CSIF machine with the -Y option. e.g. ssh -Y username@pc##.cs.ucdavis.edu


  • Linux runs an X server natively, so just ssh with the -Y option. e.g ssh -Y username@pc##.cs.ucdavis.edu

If you have any issues or other problems don’t hesitate to email, call, or visit our support staff in Kemper room 47.

Note: For those of you using this process for matlab, Only PCs 33-60 have matlab installed on them.

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