Contained here are documentation that are outdated and no longer maintained.


General Documentation

CSIF General FAQ

  • Contains topics that are no longer relevant
  • Refer to the new CSIF FAQ documentation

CSIF Account Transition FAQ

  • No longer applicable

CSIF Recommended Software

  • Pertains primarily to Fedora 7
  • Programs that once existed on default Fedora installations, e.g. OpenOffice, Pidgin, etc., have been replaced with LibreOffice, Empathy, etc.
CSIF Printer Setup

  • No longer applicable in newer version of Fedora; requires root permission

Original Xming Setup for SSH w/ X Forwarding on Windows XP

  • Xming website instructions are clear enough
Subversion Revision Control System

  • No longer supported by CSIF

Unix Tutorial

Unix Help

Compact Disk (CD) Use

  • Some content no longer relevant
  • Merged with CSIF FAQ

Firefox Not Working

Using VNC

  • Depreciated; getting new one set up is a low priority

Java Tools Setup

OpenJava Setup

  • Original source has not been updated for years so there may be possible conflicts with CSIF’s current setup of OpenJava


  • AspectJ is no longer on the CSIF lab computers

Virtual Machines

VMware Player

Original MINIX 3 & VMware Player Setup

  • Installation method of VMware Player is no longer effective
  • Some commands no longer work
  • Refer to the new MINIX 3 and VMware Player documentation

VMware Server Setup for Windows XP Professional SP2

  • VMware Server has reached end of life

Linux Virtual Machine Setup for VMware Player 3.x

  • VMware Player 3.x is no longer supported
  • Installation is specific to Fedora 13, which is no longer supported by either the CSIF nor Red Hat Fedora; refer here for more information

Installing Fedora on a Virtual Machine

Fedora 15 is no longer supported by CSIF

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