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The Department of Computer Science (CS) Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP) invites and welcomes interaction and collaboration with our colleagues and friends from industry and national laboratories. Our goal is to promote a mutually profitable exchange between the computer industry, national laboratories and the department’s faculty and students. The IAP is an opportunity-filled channel for business organizations with an interest in computer technology to become involved in the many aspects of research and education at UC Davis’ Department of Computer Science.

The computer industry is characterized by dynamism and innovation. Much of this innovative energy arises from cross-fertilization between the best minds in industry, national laboratories and academia. Some of the most influential and defining ideas as well as software and hardware products have evolved from this creative interplay. From our side, we are interested in learning about the fast-moving challenges facing industry and your input as we continuously update our curricula; from your side, we provide you with access to our nationally-renowned faculty and researchers, as well as highly-trained, well-motivated students.

There are a number of benefits to becoming a member of IAP. We want to hear directly from you about your ideas and suggestions. As a member of our IAP, you will develop a long-term partnership with the Department of Computer Science that can lead to collaborative research, access to our students and alumni, continuing education opportunities, and input to a dynamic and growing department. Our current Advisory Board members are important in keeping these opportunities open, for both the department and business organizations.

To discuss the program in more detail, or for suggestions and questions, please contact:

Matthew Farrens
Professor and Chair
Department of Computer Science
One Shields Avenue
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616-8062
email: cschair@ucdavis.edu
telephone: (530) 752-9678