Computer Science

“Security and Privacy in Content- and Information-Centric Networking”

CS Colloquium Seminar: Professor Gene Tsudik from UC Irvine

Host: Dipak Ghosal

When: Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 at 9am

Where: 1065 Kemper Hall

TITLE:   Security and Privacy in Content- and Information-Centric Networking

In the last 8-9 years, several major research efforts have sprung up aiming to design a set of potential next-generation Internet architectures. NDN and CCNx are two such efforts based on the so-called information-centric networking (ICN) paradigm. They avoid IP’s host-based, point-to-point networking approach in order to better accommodate new and emerging patterns of Internet communication. NDN/CCNx treat data as a first class object, explicitly naming it, instead of its location. Unlike the current Internet which secures the communication “pipe” between hosts, they secure data — a design choice that decouples trust in data from trust in hosts, thus enabling scalable communication mechanisms, such as data caching in routers to optimize bandwidth. NDN/CCNx pose many interesting security and privacy challenges, including: trust management, DoS resilience as well as content protection and privacy.

This talk will start with a brief overview of CCNx/NDN and a summary of various
security and privacy issues. The focus will be on network-layer trust management.
Motivated by the need to mitigate so-called “content poisoning” attacks, we explore the
design of a generic ICN trust management architecture.

Gene Tsudik is a Chancellor’s Professor of Computer Science at the UC Irvine (UCI). He obtained his PhD in Computer Science from USC in 1991. Before coming to UCI in 2000, he was at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory (1991-1996) and USC/ISI (1996-2000). His research interests include numerous topics in security, privacy and
applied cryptography. Between 2009 and 2015, he was the Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Information and Systems Security (TISSEC). He’s a former Fulbright Scholar, a Fulbight Specialist, a Fellow of ACM, IEEE and AAAS, as well as a member of Academia Europaea.

1065 Kemper Hall

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