Computer Science

Integrated Bachelor’s / Masters (BS / MS) Plan

The Integrated Bachelor’s / Master’s (BS / MS) program began in the Fall of 1998 to encourage promising UC Davis undergraduates to pursue graduate study. The program encourages undergraduates to consider graduate study early in their BS program of study, and to make course choices and pursue undergraduate research opportunities that prepare them to complete a Master’s degree.


  • One upper division class taken during the BS portion of the plan can be counted towards the MS degree.
  • The GRE requirement for the graduate program application is waived for students with a UC GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Full details on our MS degree can be found at the Master’s degree page.


Master of Science (MS) graduates are offered positions of greater challenge, responsibility and salary compared to Bachelor’s degree holders, and MS graduates enter the workforce with a broader understanding of the field and the synergistic manner in which its various subfields interact. MS graduates who choose a Master’s thesis option have found that research experience is particularly valuable, greatly deepening their insight and often leading to interesting research and development positions in industry.


The student must be a UC Davis undergraduate, and will graduate under one of the following majors: Computer Science, Computer Science and Engineering, or Computer Engineering.

At the time of application to the graduate program, the student must be at junior or senior standing as stated in OASIS. Therefore, students must have at least 90 units total at the time of application – this includes transfer and AP units.

Application Process


Before applying, students should meet with faculty to explore undergraduate research opportunities, find potential advisers, and develop a research focus.

Students with a UC GPA above 3.5 may have the GRE exam requirement waived. The GRE is required, as for normal applicants, for those with a UC GPA below 3.5. If a student’s GPA is below 3.5 at the time of application, a GRE score is required. Students below this requirement should prepare to take the GRE before applying.

Three letters of recommendation are required, preferably from tenure-track faculty. Transfer students in their junior year have just arrived on campus and may not have built the relationships necessary to obtain good letters of recommendation. Students in this position may want to consider waiting until senior year to apply.


Complete the standard application form for the MS program located on the Office of Graduate Studies’ website. Indicate in your Statement of Purpose that you are applying for the BS / MS program, the quarter you expect to begin graduate study, and your intent to do research.

The application period runs from October 15 to January 15. After applying, inform the graduate student service advisors that you have submitted your application.

BS/MS applicants will be held to the same admissions standards as for the regular MS program.

Change to Graduate Status

The student is awarded a Bachelor’s degree as soon as their BS requirements are completed.

Time to Degree

Careful adherence to the application guidelines presented above make it possible for a student to complete all degree requirements in five quarters of graduate study. Some students may take additional time to complete the MS degree. About 25% of our BS / MS students choose to remain to complete a PhD.