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CSE-2013-68.pdf (Technical report): Leveraging AWGR-based Optical Packet Switches to Reduce Latency in Petascale Computing Systems
Authors: Christopher Nitta and Roberto Proietti and Yawei Yin and S. J. Ben Yoo and Matthew Farrens and Venkatesh Akella
CSE-2013-69.pdf (Technical report): MELOADES: Methodology for Long-term Online Adaptation of Embedded Software for Heterogeneous Devices
Authors: Frank Maker and Rajeevan Amirtharajah and Venkatesh Akella
CSE-2013-70.pdf (Technical report): Faster Algorithms for RNA-folding using the Four-Russians method
Authors: Balaji Venkatachalam and Yelena Frid and Dan Gusfield
CSE-2013-71.pdf (Dissertation): Architectures and Design for Next-Generation Hybrid Circuit/Packet Networks
Authors: Sree Krishna Chaitanya Vadrevu
CSE-2013-72.pdf (Dissertation): Protection Strategies in New Optical Networking Paradigms
Authors: Menglin Liu
CSE-2013-73.pdf (Technical report): Scalable Semantics-Based Detection of Similar Android Applications
Authors: Jonathan Crussell and Clint Gibler and Hao Chen
CSE-2013-74.pdf (Technical report): Synchrony in social groups and its benefits
Authors: Qi Xuan and Vladimir Filkov
CSE-2013-75.pdf (Technical report): Some Thoughts on Teaching Secure Programming
Authors: Matt Bishop
CSE-2013-76.pdf (Technical report): Dynamic, Flexible, and Optimistic Access Control
Authors: Sean Peisert and Matt Bishop
CSE-2013-77.pdf (Technical report): Real-time Rendering of Cut Diamonds
Authors: Moritz Voelker and Bernd Hamann
CSE-2013-78.pdf (Technical report): A Structured Orthogonal Inversion of Block p-Cyclic Matrices on Multicores with GPU Accelerators
Authors: Sergiy Gogolenko and Zhaojun Bai
CSE-2013-79.pdf (Thesis): Lightweight Change Detection and Response Inspired by Biological Systems
Authors: Vinod Balachandran


CSE-2011-1.pdf (Dissertation): Capacity Enhancement and Reliability of Wireless Mesh Networks
Authors: Hua Yu
CSE-2011-2.pdf (Dissertation): Managing Traffic Growth in Next-Generation Telecom Networks
Authors: Rajesh Roy
CSE-2011-3.pdf (Technical report): Language and Tool Support for Semantic Bug Analysis
Authors: Zhongxian Gu, Earl T. Barr, Zhendong Su
CSE-2011-4.pdf (Dissertation): Efficient Primitives and Algorithms for Many-core architectures
Authors: Shubhabrata Sengupta
CSE-2011-5.pdf (Technical report): Distance field computation for geological slab surface data sets
Authors: Marek Vanco and Bernd Hamann and Oliver Kreylos and Magali Billen and Margarete Jadamec
CSE-2011-6.pdf (Technical report): Covert Fountain
Authors: Rennie Archibald and Dipak Ghosal
CSE-2011-7.pdf (Dissertation): Energy-Efficient Next-Generation Networks (E2NGN)
Authors: Pulak Chowdhury
CSE-2011-8.pdf (Technical report): Minimization Principle for Linear Response Eigenvalue Problem with Applications
Authors: Zhaojun Bai and Ren-cang Li
CSE-2011-9.pdf (Technical report): Automating End-User Programming for Smartphones
Authors: Vu Le and Sumit Gulwani and Zhendong Su
CSE-2011-12.pdf (Dissertation): Next Generation Vehicular Traffic Management Enabled By Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks and Cellular Mobile Devices
Authors: Bojin Liu
CSE-2011-11.pdf (Technical report): Reliable Visualization: Verification of Visualization based on Uncertainty Analysis
Authors: Nathaniel Fout and Kwan-liu Ma
CSE-2011-13.pdf (Dissertation): Novel Architectures and Algorithms for Wireless-Optical Broadband Access Networks
Authors: Abu (Sayeem) Reaz
CSE-2011-14.pdf (Technical report): Liberating the Programmer with Prorogued Programming
Authors: Mehrdad Afshari and Earl T. Barr and Zhendong Su
CSE-2011-15.pdf (Technical report): Summit on Education in Secure Software: Final Report
Authors: Diana Burley and Matt Bishop
CSE-2011-16.pdf (Technical report): Golden-Trail: A Provenance Repository For Storing And Retrieving Data Lineage Information
Authors: Saumen Dey, Michael Agun, Michael Wang, Bertram Ludäscher, Shawn Bowers, and Paolo Missier
CSE-2011-17.pdf (Technical report): Robust Measurement of Individual Localized Changes to The Aging Hippocampus
Authors: Jing Xie and Evan Fletcher and Baljeet Singh and Owen Carmichael
CSE-2012-18.pdf (Technical report): Constructing Precise Control Flow Graphs from Binaries
Authors: Liang Xu and Fangqi Sun and Zhendong Su
CSE-2012-19.pdf (Dissertation): Efficient Hash Tables on the GPU
Authors: Dan Anthony Alcantara
CSE-2012-20.pdf (Dissertation): Design and Analysis of Large Scale Nanophotonic On-Chip Networks
Authors: Christopher Nitta
CSE-2012-21.pdf (Thesis): Segmentation of Hand Gestures using Motion Capture Data
Authors: Ajay Sundar Ramakrishnan
CSE-2012-22.pdf (Dissertation): Encouraging User Engagement with Online Social Networks
Authors: Juan Lang
CSE-2012-23.pdf (Thesis): Techniques for Inferring Packet Dependencies to Improve Trace-Based Simulation of On-Chip Networks
Authors: Kevin Macdonald
CSE-2012-24.pdf (Technical report): ContactTrees: Ego-Centered Visualization of Social Relations
Authors: Arnaud Sallaberry and Yang-Chih Fu and Hwai-Chung Ho and Kwan-Liu Ma
CSE-2012-25.pdf (Technical report): Automated Detection and Analysis of Insecure Component Usage
Authors: Taeho Kwon and Zhendong Su
CSE-2012-26.pdf (Dissertation): Detecting and Analyzing Insecure Component Integration
Authors: Taeho Kwon
CSE-2012-27.pdf (Thesis): Multiple Streams In Online Conversations
Authors: Sebastian Ng
CSE-2012-28.pdf (Dissertation): Longitudinal Tissue Segmentation Methods for the Aging Brain
Authors: Christopher George Schwarz
CSE-2012-29.pdf (Thesis): Interactive Quadruped Animation
Authors: Tyler Martin
CSE-2012-30.pdf (Thesis): Privacy and Security Enhancements for Android Applications
Authors: Benjamin Sanders
CSE-2012-31.pdf (Dissertation): Architectural Support For Stack Buffer Overflow Exploit Prevention
Authors: Wen-Fu Kao
CSE-2012-32.pdf (Technical report): An Empirical Analysis of the Co-Evolution of Schema and Code in Database Applications
Authors: Dong Qiu and Bixin Li and Zhendong Su
CSE-2012-33.pdf (Technical report): How, and Why, Process Metrics are better
Authors: Foyzur Rahman and Premkumar Devanbu
CSE-2012-34.pdf (Technical report): Size Matters. Does Bias?
Authors: Foyzur Rahman and Daryl Posnett and Israel Herraiz and Premkumar Devanbu
CSE-2012-35.pdf (Technical report): Evaluating the Energy Efficiency of Microring Resonator-based On-chip Photonic Interconnects
Authors: Christopher Nitta and Matthew Farrens and Venkatesh Akella


CSE-2010-1.pdf (Technical report): A Taxonomy of Buffer Overflow Preconditions
Authors: Matt Bishop and Damien Howard and Sophie Engle and Sean Whalen
CSE-2010-2.pdf (Technical report): Automatic Detection of Vulnerable Dynamic Component Loadings
Authors: Taeho Kwon and Zhendong Su
CSE-2010-3.pdf (Dissertation): Interactive Visualization and Manipulation of Volumetric In-Vivo Retinal Images Acquired with Optical Coherence Tomography
Authors: Alfred R. Fuller
CSE-2010-4.pdf (Technical report): Ownership and Experience in Fix-Inducing Code
Authors: Foyzur Rahman and Premkumar Devanbu
CSE-2010-5.pdf (Technical report): An Analysis of the Effect of Code Ownership on Software Quality across Windows, Eclipse, and Firefox
Authors: Christian Bird and Nachiappan Nagappan and Premkumar Devanbu and Harald Gall and Brendan Murphy
CSE-2010-6.pdf (Dissertation): A Policy-Based Vulnerability Analysis Framework
Authors: Sophie Engle
CSE-2010-7.pdf (Technical report): Good Neighbor: Ad-Hoc Authentication of Nearby Wireless Devices by Multiple Antenna Diversity
Authors: Liang Cai and Kai Zeng and Hao Chen and Prasant Mohapatra
CSE-2010-8.pdf (Technical report): What Do Firewalls Protect? An Empirical Study of Firewalls, Vulnerabilities, and Attacks
Authors: Sean Peisert and Matt Bishop and Keith Marzullo
CSE-2010-9.pdf (Dissertation): Managing Scientific Workflow Provenance
Authors: Manish Kumar Anand
CSE-2010-10.pdf (Dissertation): Adaptivity in Data Stream Mining
Authors: Conny Franke
CSE-2010-11.pdf (Technical report): The Importance of Including Dependencies in Trace Based Performance Analysis of ON-chip Networks
Authors: Christopher Nitta and Matthew Farrens and Venkatesh Akella
CSE-2010-12.pdf (Thesis): Design and Evaluation of an Optical CPU-DRAM Interconnect
Authors: amit hadke
CSE-2010-13.pdf (Dissertation): High Performance Visualization
Authors: E. Wes Bethel
CSE-2010-14.pdf (Technical report): Abstract Provenance Graphs: Anticipating and Exploiting Schema-Level Data Provenance
Authors: Daniel Zinn and Bertram Ludaescher
CSE-2010-15.pdf (Dissertation): Online Social Network Measurements and Search Privacy Protection
Authors: Shaozhi Ye
CSE-2010-16.pdf (Technical report): Modeling High-Level Behavior Patterns for Precise Similarity Analysis of Software
Authors: Taeho Kwon and Zhendong Su
CSE-2010-17.pdf (Technical report): Static Detection of Unsafe Component Loadings
Authors: Taeho Kwon and Zhendong Su
CSE-2010-18.pdf (Dissertation): On the Design of Next-Generation Wireless Networks
Authors: Wei Wang
CSE-2010-19.pdf (Dissertation): Deployment and Performance Enhancement of Wireless Mesh Networks
Authors: Daniel Wu
CSE-2010-20.pdf (Dissertation): Quantifying and Improving DNS Availability
Authors: Casey Deccio
CSE-2010-21.pdf (Dissertation): Managing wireless mesh networks: a measurement-based approach
Authors: Dhruv Gupta
CSE-2010-22.pdf (Technical report): Taint Propagation in Database Systems
Authors: Anandarup Sarkar and Kartik Pandit and Sven Koehler
CSE-2010-23.pdf (Technical report): Towards Reliable, Performant Workflows for Streaming-Applications on Cloud Platforms
Authors: Daniel Zinn and Quinn Hart and Timothy McPhillips and Bertram Ludaescher and Yogesh Simmhan and Michail Giakkoupis and Viktor K. Prasanna


CSE-2009-1.pdf (Technical report): Untangling Tanglegrams: Comparing Trees by their Drawings
Authors: Balaji Venkatachalam and Jim Apple and Katherine St. John and Dan Gusfield
CSE-2009-2.pdf (Dissertation): Acquisition and Modeling of Large and Complex Surfaces
Authors: Yong Joo Kil
CSE-2009-3.pdf (Technical report): Business versus Scientific Workflow: A Comparative Study
Authors: Ustun Yildiz and Adnene Guabtni and Anne H. H. Ngu
CSE-2009-4.pdf (Technical report): Frequency Enhancements for Visualizing 3D Seismic Data
Authors: Cheng-Kai Chen and Carlos Correa and Kwan-Liu Ma
CSE-2009-5.pdf (Technical report): The Derivatives of Centrality and their Applications in Visualizing Social Networks
Authors: Carlos Correa and Tarik Crnovrsanin and Kwan-Liu Ma and Kimberly Keeton
CSE-2009-6.pdf (Technical report): A Framework for Uncertainty-Aware Visual Analytics
Authors: Carlos D. Correa and Yu-Hsuan Chan and Kwan-Liu Ma
CSE-2009-7.pdf (Technical report): Proximity-based Visualization of Movement Trace Data
Authors: Tarik Crnovrsanin and Chris Muelder and Carlos Correa and Kwan-Liu Ma
CSE-2009-8.pdf (Technical report): KarmaNET: Leveraging Trust ed Social Path to Create Judicious Forwarders
Authors: Matt Spear and Xiaoming Lu and Norman Matloff and S. Felix Wu
CSE-2009-9.pdf (Technical report): A Study of In-Situ Visualization for Petascale Combustion Simulations
Authors: Hongfeng Yu and Chaoli Wang and Ray W. Grout and Jacqueline H. Chen and Kwan-Liu Ma
CSE-2009-10.pdf (Thesis): DEF-CAT: DBLP Expert Finder Utilizing Categories and Topics
Authors: Philip Fisher-Ogden
CSE-2009-11.pdf (Technical report): Polygonal Surface Visualization of Strange Attractors
Authors: Shi Yan and Nelson Max
CSE-2009-12.pdf (Technical report): Parallelizing XML Processing Pipelines via MapReduce
Authors: Daniel Zinn and Shawn Bowers and Sven Koehler and Bertram Ludaescher
CSE-2009-13.pdf (Thesis): Application of Mobile Agent Systems to First Responder Training
Authors: Jason Honda
CSE-2009-14.pdf (Dissertation): Long-Reach Passive Optical Networks
Authors: Huan Song
CSE-2009-15.pdf (Dissertation): MAGE: A Distributed Programming Model
Authors: Earl T. Barr
CSE-2009-16.pdf (Dissertation): The Quantitative Comparison of Computer Networks
Authors: S Terry Brugger
CSE-2009-17.pdf (Thesis): A Method for Automatically Generating Rules for a Requires–Provides Security Model of a System
Authors: William Snow Orvis
CSE-2009-18.pdf (Dissertation): Privacy Aware Micro Data Sanitization
Authors: Bhume Bhumiratana
CSE-2009-19.pdf (Thesis): Keyword based Social Networks: Models, Algorithms and Analysis
Authors: Ankush Garg
CSE-2009-20.pdf (Dissertation): Efficient Provisioning of Data-Intensive Applications over Optical Networks
Authors: Dragos Andrei
CSE-2009-21.pdf (Technical report): XML-Based Computation for Scientific Workflows
Authors: Daniel Zinn and Shawn Bowers and Bertram Ludaescher
CSE-2009-22.pdf (Thesis): Leveraging Social Network Data for Messaging Applications
Authors: Kelcey Chan
CSE-2009-23.pdf (Technical report): Analysis of User Keyword Similarity in Online Social Networks
Authors: Prantik Bhattacharyya and Ankush Garg and Shyhtsun Felix Wu
CSE-2009-24.pdf (Technical report): Dynamic Detection of Process-Hiding Kernel Rootkits
Authors: Liang Xu and Zhendong Su
CSE-2009-25.pdf (Dissertation): Scalable Detection of Similar Code: Techniques and Applications
Authors: Lingxiao Jiang
CSE-2009-26.pdf (Dissertation): Scheduling for Energy Conservation and Quality Enhancement in Multi-hop Wireless Networks
Authors: Ashima Gupta
CSE-2009-27.pdf (Technical report): Constructing Precise Control Flow Graphs from Binaries
Authors: Liang Xu and Fangqi Sun and Zhendong Su
CSE-2009-28.pdf (Technical report): Report on the Workshop on GENI and Security
Authors: Matt Bishop


CSE-2008-1.pdf (Dissertation): Geospatial Image Stream Processing: Models, Techniques, and Applications in Remote Sensing Change Detection
Authors: Carlos A. Rueda-Velasquez
CSE-2008-2.pdf (Technical report): MessageReaper: Using Social Behavior to Reduce Malicious Activity in Networks
Authors: Matt Spear and Juan Lang and Xiaoming Lu and S. Felix Wu and Norman Matloff
CSE-2008-3.pdf (Thesis): Characterizing and Improving Distributed Network-based Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS): Timestamp Synchronization and Sampled Traffic
Authors: Elliot Proebstel
CSE-2008-4.pdf (Thesis): Autonomic Network Management: A Proposed Framework
Authors: Daniel Marconett
CSE-2008-5.pdf (Technical Report): A Model for Vulnerability Analysis and Classification
Authors: Sophie Engle and Matt Bishop
CSE-2008-6.pdf (Dissertation): Performance-Driven Interface Contract Enforcement for Scientific Components
Authors: Tamara Dahlgren
CSE-2008-7.pdf (Dissertation): Design and Analysis of Wireless-Optical Broadband Access Networks (WOBAN)
Authors: Suman Sarkar
CSE-2008-8.pdf (Technical report): GPU-assisted Surface Reconstruction on Locally-uniform Samples
Authors: Yong Joo Kil and Nina Amenta
CSE-2008-9.pdf (Technical report): A hybrid CPU-GPU Implementation for Interactive Ray-Tracing of Dynamic Scenes
Authors: Brian C. Budge and John C. Anderson and Christoph Garth and Kenneth I. Joy
CSE-2008-10.pdf (Technical report): Noise Injection for Search Privacy Protection
Authors: Shaozhi Ye and Felix Wu and Raju Pandey and Hao Chen
CSE-2008-11.pdf (Technical report): Provisioning Data-Aggregation Sessions in Lambda Grids
Authors: Dragos Andrei and Massimo Tornatore and Dipak Ghosal and Charles Martel and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-2008-12.pdf (Dissertation): Computer Algebra, Combinatorics, and Complexity: Hilbert’s Nullstellensatz and NP-complete Problems
Authors: Susan Margulies
CSE-2008-13.pdf (Technical report): Solving Rational Eigenvalue Problems via Linearization
Authors: Yangfeng Su and Zhaojun Bai
CSE-2008-14.pdf (Technical report): Modeling Computer Insecurity
Authors: Sophie Engle and Sean Whalen and Matt Bishop
CSE-2008-15.pdf (Technical report): X-CSR: Dataflow Optimization for Distributed XML Process Pipelines
Authors: Daniel Zinn and Shawn Bowers and Timothy McPhillips and Bertram Ludaescher
CSE-2008-16.pdf (Dissertation): Temporal Information Retrieval
Authors: Omar Alonso


CSE-2007-1.pdf (Technical report): An Assessment of the DARPA IDS Evaluation Dataset Using Snort
Authors: S Terry Brugger and Jedidiah Chow
CSE-2007-4.pdf (Dissertation): Distributed Intrusion Detection Models for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: Chin-Yang Tseng
CSE-2007-3.pdf (Technical report): Bounds on the Performance of P2P Networks Using Tit-for-Tat Strategies
Authors: Dimitri do B. DeFigueiredo and Balaji Venkatachalam and S. Felix Wu
CSE-2007-5.pdf (Dissertation): GeoStreams: An Online Geospatial Image Database
Authors: Quinn J. Hart
CSE-2007-6.pdf (Technical report): Landmark Transfer using Deformable Models
Authors: Deboshmita Ghosh and Nina Amenta
CSE-2007-8.pdf (Dissertation): Computational and Interactive Visualization with a Focus on Topological Analysis, Dual Contouring and Water-resource Data Representation
Authors: Jaya Sreevalsan-Nair
CSE-2007-9.pdf (Technical report): Trust Is in the Eye of the Beholder
Authors: Dimitri do B. DeFigueiredo and Earl T. Barr and S. Felix Wu
CSE-2007-10.pdf (Thesis): Unique Vulnerabilities and Attacks on Cellular Data Packet Services
Authors: Denys Ma
CSE-2007-11.pdf (Technical report): Modeling and Querying Vague Spatial Objects Using Shapelets
Authors: Daniel Zinn and Jim Bosch and Michael Gertz
CSE-2007-12.pdf (Dissertation): Improving Data Transport over High-Speed Networks
Authors: Amitabha Banerjee
CSE-2007-13.pdf (Dissertation): Formal Reasoning about Intrusion Detection Systems
Authors: Tao Song
CSE-2007-14.pdf (Thesis): Resource Management in Next-Generation Cellular and Wireless Networks
Authors: Vijoy Pandey
CSE-2007-15.pdf (Dissertation): Methods and Algorithms for Efficient Provisioning in High-Capacity Transport Networks
Authors: Smita Rai
CSE-2007-17.pdf (Dissertation): Capturing and Analyzing Internet Worms
Authors: Jedidiah R. Crandall
CSE-2007-18.pdf (Technical report): Model Order Reduction of Parameterized Interconnect Netowkrs via a Two-Directional Arnoldi Process
Authors: Yung-Ta Li and Zhaojun Bai and Yangfeng Su and Xuan Zeng
CSE-2007-19.pdf (Technical report): High-frequency response analysis via algebraic substructuring
Authors: Jin-Hwan Ko and Zhaojun Bai
CSE-2007-20.pdf (Technical report): An Integrated Visual Exploration Approach to Particle Data Analysis
Authors: Chad Jones, Kwan-Liu Ma, Stephane Ethier, and Wei-Li Lee
CSE-2007-21.pdf (Technical report): A Statistical Approach to Volume Data Quality Assessment
Authors: Chaoli Wang and Kwan-Liu Ma
CSE-2007-23.pdf (Technical report): Enhancing the GEON Cyberinfrastructure: Semantic Registration, Discovery, Mediation, and Workflows
Authors: Bertram Ludaescher and Kai Lin and Efrat Jaeger-Frank and Shawn Bowers and Ilkay Altintas and Chaitan Baru
CSE-2007-24.pdf (Technical report): StarGate: An Author-Centric Approach to Software Project Visualization
Authors: Michael Ogawa and Kwan-Liu Ma
CSE-2007-25.pdf (Technical report): Rapid Feature Extraction and Tracking Through Region Morphing
Authors: Chris Muelder and Kwan-Liu Ma
CSE-2007-26.pdf (Dissertation): Algorithms for Inferring Recombination and Association Mapping in Populations
Authors: Yufeng Wu
CSE-2007-27.pdf (Thesis): A Framework for Modifying Spatial Data on the Web
Authors: Haiyan Yang
CSE-2007-28.pdf (Thesis): Prediction of Success in Open Source Software Development
Authors: Yu Wang
CSE-2007-29.pdf (Dissertation): Spatio-temporal Aggregates over Streaming Geospatial Image Data
Authors: Jie Zhang
CSE-2007-30.pdf (Thesis): Supporting Hybrid Execution for Virtual Machines in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Ingwar Wirjawan
CSE-2007-31.pdf (Technical report): Definitions of TCP/IP Network Connection Metrics
Authors: S Terry Brugger
CSE-2007-32.pdf (Thesis): Sanitizing Data to Prevent Disclosing Exact Network Topology
Authors: Lisa Marie Clark
CSE-2007-33.pdf (Technical report): The Synchronization Attack and Defense on Energy-Efficient Listen-Sleep Slotted MAC Protocols
Authors: Xiaoming Lu and Matt Spear and Karl Levitt and S. Felix Wu
CSE-2007-34.pdf (Technical report): Non-Uniform Entropy Compression for Uniform Energy Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Xiaoming Lu and Matt Spear and Karl Levitt and S. Felix Wu
CSE-2007-35.pdf (Technical report): A Two-Directional Arnoldi Process and Applications
Authors: Yung-Ta Li and Zhaojun Bai and Yangfeng Su
CSE-2007-36.pdf (Technical report): Lecture Notes on Advances of Numerical Methods for Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of the Hubbard Model
Authors: Zhaojun Bai and Wenbin Chen and Richard Scalettar and Ichitaro Yamazaki
CSE-2007-37.pdf (Technical report): Change-Resilient Design and Dataflow Optimization for Distributed XML Stream Processors
Authors: Daniel Zinn and Shawn Bowers and Bertram Ludäscher
CSE-2007-38.pdf (Dissertation): Collaborative Defense Against Zero-Day and Polymorphic Worms: Detection, Response and an Evaluation Framework
Authors: Senthilkumar G. Cheetancheri


CSE-2006-1.pdf (Thesis): The Design and Implementation of Partial Quiescence in a Concurrent Programming Language
Authors: Billy Yan-Kit Man
CSE-2006-2.pdf (Dissertation): Quality of Service (QoS) Provisioning in Multihop Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: Jian Li
CSE-2006-3.pdf (Thesis): Enhancing the JR Concurrent Programming Language with New Java 5.0 Features
Authors: Hiu Ning Chan
CSE-2006-4.pdf (Technical report): A Survey on Ultra Wide Band Medium Access Control Schemes
Authors: Ashima Gupta and Prasant Mohapatra
CSE-2006-5.pdf (Technical report): Vulnerability Analysis of the Brazilian Payment System
Authors: Dimitri DeFigueiredo
CSE-2006-6.pdf (Technical report): The GEON Portal: Accelerating Knowledge Discovery in the Geosciences
Authors: Ullas Nambiar and Bertram Ludaescher and Kai Lin and Chaitan Baru
CSE-2006-8.pdf (Technical report): Vague Spatial Objects Using Shapelet Distributions
Authors: Jim Bosch and Daniel Zinn
CSE-2006-9.pdf (Thesis): Scheduling Data-Intensive Workflows
Authors: Tim H. Wong
CSE-2006-10.pdf (Technical report): Tree Approach to Vulnerability Classification
Authors: Sophie Engle and Sean Whalen and Damien Howard and Matt Bishop
CSE-2006-11.pdf (Technical report): A Practical Formalism for Vulnerability Comparison
Authors: Sophie Engle and Sean Whalen and Damien Howard and Adam Carlson and Elliot Proebstel and Matt Bishop
CSE-2006-12.pdf (Technical report): On Curved Simplicial Elements and Best Quadratic Spline Approximation for Hierarchical Data Representation
Authors: Bernd Hamann
CSE-2006-13.pdf (Dissertation): Models for Threat Assessment in Networks
Authors: Melissa Danforth
CSE-2006-14.pdf (Dissertation): Small-World Graphs: Models, Analysis and Applications in Network Designs
Authors: Van K. Nguyen
CSE-2006-15.pdf (Dissertation): Operator Scheduling in a Distributed Stream Management System for Remotely Sensed Imagery
Authors: Shefali K. Singhal
CSE-2006-16.pdf (Technical report): Validity Checking for Finite Automata over Linear Arithmetic Constraints
Authors: Gary Wassermann and Zhendong Su
CSE-2006-17.pdf (Dissertation): Interactive Visualization and Model-based Analysis of Genomics Data
Authors: Nameeta Shah
CSE-2006-18.pdf (Thesis): Techniques for Improving the Performance of Signature-Based Network Intrusion Detection Systems
Authors: Patrick Wheeler
CSE-2006-19.pdf (Dissertation): Optimal Global Instruction Scheduling Using Enumeration
Authors: Ghassan Shobaki
CSE-2006-20.pdf (Technical report): Your Security Policy is What??
Authors: Matt Bishop and Sean Peisert
CSE-2006-21.pdf (Technical report): Tessellation of Quadratic Elements
Authors: Scott E. Dillard, Vijay Natarajan, Gunther H. Weber, Valerio Pascucci, Bernd Hamann
CSE-2006-22.pdf (Technical report): Real-time Procedural Volumetric Fire
Authors: Alfred R. Fuller and Hari Krishnan and Karim Mahrous and Bernd Hamann and Kenneth I. Joy
CSE-2006-23.pdf (Dissertation): An Analysis Framework Addressing the Scale and Legibility of Large Scientific Data Sets
Authors: Hank Childs
CSE-2006-24.pdf (Technical report): Descartes BGP: A Conflict Detection and Response Framework for Inter-Domain Routing
Authors: Earl Barr and Dimitri DeFigueiredo and Martin O. Nicholes and Shih Ming Tseng and Chen-Nee Chuah and Biswanath Mukherjee and S. Felix Wu


CSE-2005-2.pdf (Technical Report): Virtual Multi-Homing: On the Feasibility of Combining Overlay Routing with BGP Routing
Authors: Zhi Li and Prasant Mohapatra and Chen-Nee Chuah
CSE-2005-3.pdf (Technical Report): Performance Modeling for 3D Visualization in a Heterogeneous Computing
Authors: Ian Bowman and John Shalf and Kwan-Liu Ma and Wes Bethel
CSE-2005-4.pdf (Technical Report): Protocol Vulnerability Analysis
Authors: Sean Whalen and Sophie Engle and Matt Bishop
CSE-2005-5.pdf (Technical Report): Dynamic Voronoi Hierarchies
Authors: Brett Wilson and Kwan-Liu Ma
CSE-2005-6.pdf (Technical Report): Back to the Future: A Framework for Automatic Malware Removal and System Repair
Authors: Hao Chen and Francis Hsu and Jason Li and Thomas Ristenpart and Zhendong Su
CSE-2005-7.pdf (Technical Report): An Impact Assessment Model for Distributed Adaptive Security Situation Assessment
Authors: Mark Heckman and Nikhil Joshi and Marcus Tylutki and Karl Levitt and Jim Just and Larry Clough
CSE-2005-8.pdf (Technical Report): Compositional Optimum Network Sensor Utilization System
Authors: Marcus Tylutki and Jeff Rowe and Karl Levitt
CSE-2005-9.pdf (Dissertation): Machine Learning in Intrusion Detection
Authors: Yihua Liao
CSE-2005-10.pdf (Thesis): An Internet Worm Propagation Data Model
Authors: Joe McAlerney
CSE-2005-11.pdf (Dissertation): Designing Scalable Quantum Computer Architectures: Layout and Initialization
Authors: Dean E. Copsey
CSE-2005-12.pdf (Thesis): Surface Reconstruction with Constrained Sculpting
Authors: Abel Gashaw Gezahegne
CSE-2005-13.pdf (Dissertation): Machine Learning in Intrusion Detection
Authors: Yihua Liao
CSE-2005-14.pdf (Dissertation): Resiliency and Quality-of-Service (QOS) Support in Multicasting and Overlay Networks
Authors: Zhi Li
CSE-2005-15.pdf (Thesis): Experimental Characterization of Communications in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Authors: Fay Hui
CSE-2005-16.pdf (Technical Report): Experimental Characterization of an 802.11b Wireless Mesh Network
Authors: Stephanie Liese and Daniel Wu and Prasant Mohapatra
CSE-2005-17.pdf (Technical Report): Methods for Random Modularizations of Biological Networks
Authors: Zachary M. Saul and Vladimir Filkov
CSE-2005-19.pdf (Thesis): Combining Selective Cache Line Replacement and Active Management for Data Caching
Authors: Yan Ting Betty Chen
CSE-2005-20.pdf (Technical report): A Critique of the 2002 FEC VSPT E-Voting Standards
Authors: Mark Gondree and Patrick Wheeler and Dimitri DeFigueiredo
CSE-2005-21.pdf (Technical report): Toward Clarifying Election Systems Standards
Authors: Earl Barr and Matt Bishop and Dimitri DeFigueiredo and Mark Gondree and Patrick Wheeler
CSE-2005-22.pdf (Technical report): Student Workshop on Computing 2005 Proceedings
Authors: Bhume Bhumiratana
CSE-2005-23.pdf (Thesis): Time Stamp Synchronization of Distributed Sensor Logs: Impossibility Results and Approximation Algorithms
Authors: Thomas Ristenpart
CSE-2005-24.pdf (Dissertation): Optical WDM Networks: Traffic Grooming in Mesh Networks and Metro Networks using ROADMs
Authors: Hongyue Zhu
CSE-2005-25.pdf (Thesis): Enhancing Data Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks via Multipath Routing and Directional Transmission
CSE-2005-26.pdf (Dissertation): Rich Visualizations from Discrete Primitives
Authors: Brett Wilson
CSE-2005-27.pdf (Technical report): A Flow Control Framework for Improving Throughput and Energy Efficiency in CSMA/CA Based Wireless Multihop Networks
Authors: Jaya Shankar Pathmasuntharam, Amitava Das, and Prasant Mohapatra
CSE-2005-28.pdf (Technical report): An Efficient Overlay Link Performance Monitoring Technique
Authors: Zhi Li and Prasant Mohapatra
CSE-2005-29.pdf (Thesis): Enhancing the JR Concurrent Programming Language with New Java 5.0 Features
Authors: Hiu Ning Chan
CSE-2005-30.pdf (Thesis): LAPACK-Style Algorithms and Software for Computing the Generalized Singular Value Decompositions: CSD, QSVD, and PSVD
Authors: Jenny Jian Wang
CSE-2005-32.pdf (Technical report): Automatic Isolation of Cause-Effect Chains with Machine Learning
Authors: Lingxiao Jiang and Zhendong Su
CSE-2006-33.pdf (Dissertation): Routing Performance And Power Conservation In Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Authors: Prasant Mohapatra and Chao Gui
CSE-2006-34.pdf (Technical report): Cross-over Spanning Trees: Enhancing Metro Ethernet Resilience and Load Balancing
Authors: Minh Huynh, Prasant Mohapatra, and Stuart Goose
CSE-2006-35.pdf (Technical report): Balancing Computation and Code Distribution Costs: The Case for Hybrid Execution in Sensor Networks
Authors: Ingwar Wirjawan and Joel Koshy and Raju Pandey and Yann Ramin


CSE-2004-1.pdf (Technical Report): Dimension Reduction of Second-Order Dynamical Systems via a Second-Order Arnoldi Method
Authors: Z. Bai and Y. Su
CSE-2004-2.pdf (Technical Report): On Detection of Anomalous Routing Dynamics in BGP
Authors: K. Zhang and A. Yen and S.F Wu and L. Zhang and X. Zhao and D. Massey
CSE-2004-3.pdf (Technical Report): Route Flap Damping Analysis
Authors: R. Limprasittiporn
CSE-2004-4.pdf (Technical Report): Specification-based Network Intrusion Detection Model: Detecting Attacks on DHCP Protocol
Authors: Y. Ting
CSE-2004-5.pdf (Technical Report): Design and Implementation of a cross Platform Real-Time Operating System and Embedded Hardware driver Model
Authors: C. Nitta
CSE-2004-6.pdf (Technical Report): A New Efficiently-Computed Lower Bound on the Number of Recombinations Needed in Phylogentic Networks
Authors: D. Gusfield and D. Hickerson
CSE-2004-7.pdf (Technical Report): Visual Data Analysis for Detecting Flaws and Intruders in Computer Network Systems
Authors: S. Teoh and Kwan-Liu Ma and T.J. Jankun-Kelly and S.F. Wu
CSE-2004-8.pdf (Technical Report): A Type-based Dimensional Analysis for Query
Authors: Z. Su and G. Wasserman
CSE-2004-9.pdf (Technical Report): PARMA: A Profile-Assisted Resources Management Algorithm for Improving QoS in Wireless Networks
Authors: V. Pandey and D. Ghosal and B. Mukherjee
CSE-2004-10.pdf (Technical Report): Dynamically Placed Inset for Tiled Displays
Authors: Justin Walker
CSE-2004-11.pdf (Technical Report): Host-level Deception as a Defense Against Insiders
Authors: Deanna Rogers
CSE-2004-12.pdf (Technical Report): Using a Knowledge-based Framework for Analyzing Sensor Network Protocols
Authors: Deepika Yerragunta
CSE-2004-13.pdf (Technical Report): Statistical Methods for Image and Signal Processing
Authors: Philip Sallee
CSE-2004-14.pdf (Technical Report): Expressive Visualization
Authors: Eric Lum
CSE-2004-15.pdf (Technical Report): Deadline-Aware Scheduling for On-Demand Data Broadcast
Authors: WeiWei Cao
CSE-2004-16.pdf (Technical Report): Performance Analysis and Automated Resource Selection for Distributed Visualization Pipelines
Authors: Ian Bowman
CSE-2004-17.pdf (Technical Report): Design and Analysis of Survivable Optical Networks
Authors: Canhui Ou
CSE-2004-18.pdf (Technical Report): Multipath Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Applications and Link layer Issues
Authors: Stephen Mueller
CSE-2004-19.pdf (Technical Report): Supporting Access Control for XML Documents in Relational Database Systems
Authors: Deirdre Kong
CSE-2004-20.pdf (Technical Report): Improving Source-Based Software Visualization for Software Maintenance
Authors: Stoney Jackson
CSE-2004-21.pdf (Technical Report): A Customizable Source Projection Framework
Authors: S. Jackson and E. Wohlstadter and K. Ma and P. Devanbu
CSE-2004-22.pdf (Technical Report): Stable, Flexible, Peephole Pretty-Printing
Authors: S. Jackson and P. Devanbu and K. Ma
CSE-2004-23.pdf (Technical Report): Modelling a Computer Worm Defense System
Authors: S. Cheetancheri
CSE-2004-24.pdf (Technical Report): Structure-Preserving Model Reduction Using A Krylov Subspace Projection Formulation
Authors: R.C. Li and Z. Bai
CSE-2004-25.pdf (Technical Report): Velocity-Aligned Discrete Oriented Polytopes for Dynamic Collision Detection
Authors: D. Coming and O. Staadt
CSE-2004-26.pdf (Technical Report): Peephole Pretty Printing
Authors: H. Jackson
CSE-2004-27.pdf (Technical Report): Visualization and Interaction Techniques for Large Hierarchies and Graphs
Authors: J. McPherson
CSE-2004-28.pdf (Technical Report): Performance Analysis of Routing and Gateway Selection for Voice Over IP in a Converged Network
Authors: P. Liao
CSE-2004-29.pdf (Technical Report): Adaptive 4-8 Texture Hierarchies
Authors: L. Hwa
CSE-2004-30.pdf (Technical Report): 2004 Student Workshop on Computing
Authors: CS
CSE-2004-31.pdf (Technical Report): Survivable Multicast Communications in Next-Generation High- Capacity Networks
Authors: N. Singhal
CSE-2004-32.pdf (Technical Report): Optimal, Efficient Reconstruction of Root-Unknown Phylogenetic Networks with Constrained and Structured Recombination
Authors: D.Gusfield
CSE-2004-33.pdf (Technical Report): A Fundamental Decomposition Theory for Phylogenetic Networks and Incompatible Characters
Authors: D. Gusfield
CSE-2004-34.pdf (Technical Report): Tree Pattern Constraints for XML: Theory and Application
Authors: A. Kwong
CSE-2004-35.pdf (Technical Report): Synchroscalar: An Optimizing Scheduler and Architectural Evaluation
Authors: P. Sultana
CSE-2004-36.pdf (Technical Report): Virtual-Topology Adaptation for WDM Mesh Networks Under Dynamic Traffic and Realistic Cost Conditions
Authors: S. Gieselman
CSE-2004-37.pdf (Technical report): Model Checking and Expert System approaches to Attack Graphs
Authors: Senthilkumar G. Cheetancheri and Melissa Danforth
CSE-2004-38.pdf (Technical report): Automated Reasoning in Co-operative Cyber-defense
Authors: Senthilkumar G. Cheetancheri


CSE-2003-1.pdf (Technical Report): A Novel Navigation and Transmission Technique for Mobile Handheld Devices
Authors: P. Mohapatra and H. Chen
CSE-2003-2.pdf (Technical Report): Haplotype Inference by Pure Parsimony
Authors: D. Gusfield
CSE-2003-3.pdf (Technical Report): Analyzing Packet Delay Across A GSM/GPRS Network
Authors: D. Ghosal and X. Fang
CSE-2003-4.pdf (Technical Report): An Efficient XML Node Identification And Indexing Scheme
Authors: M. Gertz and J. Bremer
CSE-2003-5.pdf (Technical Report): Polynomial Time Algorithms for Solving Integer Range Constraints
Authors: Z. Su and D. Wagner
CSE-2003-6.pdf (Technical Report): Fair Queuing With Service Envelopes (FQSE): A Cousin-Fair Hierarchical Scheduler And It’s Application In Ethernet PON
Authors: A. Banerjee and G. Kramer and B. Mukherjee and N. Singhal and S. Dixit and Y. Ye
CSE-2003-7.pdf (Technical Report): A Projection Subspace and its Application to the Quadratic Eigenvalue Problem
Authors: Z. Bai
CSE-2003-8.pdf (Technical Report): SLIC:Scheduled Linear Image Compositing for Parallel Volume Rendering
Authors: A. Stompel and K. Ma and E. Lum and J. Ahrens and J. Patchett
CSE-2003-9.pdf (Technical Report): A Novel Interface for Ten-Dimensional Classification Functions
Authors: F. Tzeng and K. Ma and E. Lum
CSE-2003-10.pdf (Technical Report): A Rendering Isosurfaces Directly From 3D Textures
Authors: E. Lum and K. Ma
CSE-2003-11.pdf (Technical Report): Visualizing Industrial CT Volume Data for Nondestructive Testing Applications
Authors: R. Huang and K. Ma and P. McCormick and W. Ward
CSE-2003-12.pdf (Technical Report): Traffic Grooming for Survivable WDM NetworksÑDedicated Protection
Authors: C. Ou and K. Zhu and H. Zang and J. Zhang and H. Zhu and B. Mukherjee and L.Sahasrabuddhe
CSE-2003-13.pdf (Technical Report): Traffic Grooming for Survivable WDM NetworksÑShared Protection
Authors: C. Ou and B. Mukherjee and H. Zang and K. Zhu and L. Sahasrabuddhe
CSE-2003-14.pdf (Technical Report): Generalized Segment Protection for Bandwidth Efficiency and Differentiated Quality of Protection in Optical Networks
Authors: C. Ou and B. Mukherjee
CSE-2003-15.pdf (Technical Report): Group Communications in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: P. Mohapatra and J. Li and C. Gui
CSE-2003-16.pdf (Technical Report): Next-Generation Information Retrieval: Integrating Document and Data Retrieval Based on XML
Authors: J. Bremer
CSE-2003-17.pdf (Technical Report): Design and Analysis of Traffic-Groomable Optical WDM Networks
Authors: K. Zhu
CSE-2003-18.pdf (Technical Report): Web Server Performance Improvement and QoS Provisioning
Authors: H. Chen
CSE-2003-19.pdf (Technical Report): Out-of-Core Interactive Display of Large Meshes Using an Oriented Bounding Box-Based Hardware Depth Query
Authors: H. Ha
CSE-2003-20.pdf (Technical Report): Distributed XML Repositories: Top-down Design and Transparent Query Processing
Authors: M. Gertz and J. Bremer
CSE-2003-21.pdf (Technical Report): A second-order Krylov subspace and its application for solving the quadratic eigenvalue problem
Authors: Z. Bai and Y. Su
CSE-2003-22.pdf (Technical Report): OptimizingPlacementof Beacons and Data loggers in a Sensor Network, A Case Study
Authors: J. Yick and D. Ghosal and A. Bharathidasan and G. Pasternack and B. Mukherjee
CSE-2003-23.pdf (Technical Report): The Complexity of Message Delivery in Kleinberg’s Small-world Model
Authors: C. Martel and V. Nguyen
CSE-2003-24.pdf (Technical Report): 2003 Student Workshop
Authors: CS
CSE-2003-25.pdf (Technical Report): Out-of-core Interactive Display of Large Meshes An Using Oriented Bounding Box-based Hardware Depth Query
Authors: K. Joy and H. Ha
CSE-2003-26.pdf (Technical Report): Adaptive Extraction of Time-varying Isosurfaces
Authors: K. Joy and H. Ha and J. Senecal and B. Gregorski and M. Duchaineau
CSE-2003-27.pdf (Technical Report): Compression and Occlusion for Fast Isosurface Extraction from Massive Datasets
Authors: K. Joy and J. Senecal and B. Gregorski and M. Duchaineau
CSE-2003-28.pdf (Technical Report): The Fine Structure Of Galls In Phylogenetic Networks With Recombination
Authors: D. Gusfield and S. Eddhu and C. Langley
CSE-2003-29.pdf (Technical Report): Optimal Efficient Reconstruction Of Phylogenetic Networks With Constrained Recombination
Authors: D. Gusfield and S. Eddhu and C. Langley
CSE-2003-30.pdf (Technical Report): On Tree Pattern Constraints for XML Documents
Authors: M. Gertz and A. Kwong
CSE-2003-31.pdf (Technical Report): High Quality Lighting for Pre-Integrated Volume Rendering
Authors: K. Ma and E. Lum and B. Wilson
CSE-2003-32.pdf (Technical Report): Using Cross-Sharing Trees for Survivable Multicast Connections in Mesh Networks
Authors: N. Singhal and C. Ou and B. Mukherjee and L. Sahasrabuddhe
CSE-2003-33.pdf (Technical Report): Image-Based Rendering of Range Data and Depth Uncertainty
Authors: C. Hofsetz
CSE-2003-34.pdf (Technical Report): Object-Oriented Virtual reality Scene Graph management
Authors: N. Oberlander
CSE-2003-35.pdf (Technical Report): Detecting Day-Zero Worms using Anomalous Pattern Discovery
Authors: A. Aggarwal
CSE-2003-36.pdf (Technical Report): TCPOpera: A Software Tool to Actively Manipulate Recorded TCP Traffic
Authors: F. Wong
CSE-2003-37.pdf (Technical Report): Efficient Reconstruction of Phylogenetic Networks (of SNPs) with Constrained Recombination
Authors: S. Eddhu
CSE-2003-38.pdf (Technical Report): Network-Based Detection of Polymorphic Attacks
Authors: A. Pasululati
CSE-2003-39.pdf (Technical Report): Vulnerability Database Integration with Intrusion Detection Systems
Authors: V. Law
CSE-2003-40.pdf (Technical Report): Policy-Based Protection Against External Programs Via Code Transformation
Authors: B. Hashii
CSE-2003-41.pdf (Technical Report): Adaptive View-dependanti Multi-valued Volume Data Visualization Using Data-dependant and Data-independent Metrics
Authors: J. Gray
CSE-2003-42.pdf (Technical Report): Analyzing packet delay Across A GSM/GPRS Network
Authors: X. Fang and D. Ghosal
CSE-2003-43.pdf (Technical Report): Compression and Occulsion for Fast Isosurface Extraction from Massive Datasets
Authors: B. Gregorski and J. Senecal and K. Joy and M. Duchaineau
CSE-2003-44.pdf (Technical Report): Interactive and Perpetually Enhanced Visualization of Large, Complex Line-Based Datasets
Authors: G. Schussman
CSE-2003-45.pdf (Technical report): Hierarchically Controlled Co-operative Response Strategies for Internet Scale Attacks
Authors: Senthilkumar G. Cheetancheri and Karl Levitt


CSE-2002-1.pdf (Technical Report): Hardware Support for Pointer Safety in Commodity Microprocessors
Authors: D. Keen and F. Lim and F. T. Chong and R. Rao and P. Devanbu and M.Farrens and P. Sultana and C. Zhuang
CSE-2002-2.pdf (Technical Report): Resource Management for IP Telephony Networks
Authors: Matthew C. Caesar and Dipak Ghosal and Randy H. Katz
CSE-2002-3.pdf (Technical Report): Extending Commodity Microprocessors for Software Safety: An Experiment
Authors: D. Keen and F. T. Chong and P. Devanbu and M. Farrens
CSE-2002-4.pdf (Technical Report): A Framework for Receiver Oriented Differentiated Services
Authors: P. Mohapatra and Li Zhi
CSE-2002-5.pdf (Technical Report): NOMAD-An Integrated Mobility Management Architecture for Cellular and Mobile IP Services
Authors: J. Abramson and D. Ghosal
CSE-2002-6.pdf (Technical Report): Online Algorithms For Shared-Path Protection In Optical WDM Mesh Networks
Authors: C. Ou and J. Zhang and H. Zang and B. Mukherjee and L. Sahasrabuddhe
CSE-2002-7.pdf (Technical Report): Hierarchical Large-scale Volume Representation with 3rd-root-of-2 Subdivision and Trivariate B-Spline Wavelets
Authors: L. Linsen and V. Pascucci and B. Hamann and K. Joy and M. Duchaineau and J. Gray
CSE-2002-8.pdf (Technical Report): ISpace: Interactive Volume Data Classification Techniques Using Independent Component Analysis
Authors: I. Takanashi and K. Ma and E. Lum and S. Muraki
CSE-2002-9.pdf (Technical Report): Kinetic Visualization: A Technique for Illustrating 3D Shape and Structure
Authors: A. Stompel and K. Ma and E. Lum
CSE-2002-10.pdf (Technical Report): A Model for the Visualization Exploration Process
Authors: T.J. Jankun-Kelly and Kwan-Liu Ma and Michael Gertz
CSE-2002-11.pdf (Technical Report): A Hardware-Assisted Hybrid Rendering Technique for Interactive Volume Visualization
Authors: T.J. Jankun-Kelly and Kwan-Liu Ma and P. McCormick
CSE-2002-12.pdf (Technical Report): RINGS: A Technique for Visualizing Large Hierarchies
Authors: S. Teoh and K. Ma
CSE-2002-13.pdf (Technical Report): Focus+Context Display of the Visualization Process
Authors: T.J. Jankun-Kelly and Kwan-Liu Ma
CSE-2002-14.pdf (Technical Report): Feature-Enhanced Visualization of Multidimensional Multivariate Volume Data Using Non-photorealistic Rendering Techniques
Authors: A. Stompel and K. Ma and E. Lum
CSE-2002-15.pdf (Technical Report): Scalable Self-Orienting Surfaces: A Compact, Texture- Enhanced Representation for Interactive Visualization Of 3D Vector Fields
Authors: G. Schussman and K. Ma
CSE-2002-16.pdf (Technical Report): Interactive Radiosity Using Mipmapped Texture Hardware
Authors: E. Lum and K. Ma and N. Max
CSE-2002-17.pdf (Technical Report): CaseStudy: Interactive Visualization for Internet Security
Authors: S. Teoh and K. Ma and S. Wu and X. Zhao
CSE-2002-18.pdf (Technical Report): Binary Composition Tree Hardware: A Scalable Solution for Real-Time Volume Rendering
Authors: S. Muraki and K. Ma and E. Lum and M. Ogata and X. Liu
CSE-2002-19.pdf (Technical Report): CATP: A Context-Aware Transportation Protocol for http
Authors: P. Mohapatra and H. Chen
CSE-2002-20.pdf (Technical Report): Using Service Brokers For Accessing Backend Servers For Web Applications
Authors: P. Mohapatra and H. Chen
CSE-2002-21.pdf (Technical Report): Haplotypingas Perfect Phylogeny: A Direct Approach
Authors: Bafna and Gusfield and Lancia and Yooseph
CSE-2002-22.pdf (Technical Report): Query Processing and Index Structures for Integrated XML Document and Data Retrieval
Authors: J. Bremer and M. Gertz
CSE-2002-23.pdf (Technical Report): A Self-Healing and Optimizing Routing Technique for Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: P. Mohapatra and C. Gui
CSE-2002-24.pdf (Technical Report): Structural Constraints for XML
Authors: A. Kwong and M. Gertz
CSE-2002-25.pdf (Technical Report): Detecting Spoofed Packets
Authors: S. Templeton
CSE-2002-26.pdf (Technical Report): Using Properties of Network Topology to Detect Malicious Routing Behavior
Authors: P Balasubramanyam and K. Levitt
CSE-2002-28.pdf (Technical Report): Student Workshop Proceeedings
Authors: G. Nuckolls
CSE-2002-29.pdf (Technical Report): PANDA: An Approach to Improve Flooding Based Route Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: J. Li and P. Mohapatra
CSE-2002-30.pdf (Technical Report): A New Provisioning Framework To Provide Availability-Guaranteed Service In WDM Mesh Networks
Authors: J. Zhang and K. Zhu and H. Zang and B. Mukherjee
CSE-2002-31.pdf (Technical Report): NP-Completeness Of Minimum Cost Network Flow Problem
Authors: K.Zhu and B.Mukherjee
CSE-2002-32.pdf (Technical Report): Sub-Path Protection for Scalability and Fast Recovery in Optical WDM Mesh Networks
Authors: C. Ou and H. Zang and N. Singhal and K. Zhu and L. Sahasrabuddhe and R. macDonald and B. Mukherjee
CSE-2002-33.pdf (Technical Report): Recursive Tetrahedral Meshes for Scientific Visualization
Authors: B. Gregorski
CSE-2002-34.pdf (Technical Report): QoS in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: P. Mohapatra and J. Li and C. Gui
CSE-2002-35.pdf (Technical Report): Trust Mediation for Distributed Information Systems
Authors: B. Toone and M. Gertz and P. Devanbu
CSE-2002-36.pdf (Technical Report): Topological Segmentation in Three-Dimensional Vector Fields
Authors: K Mahrous and K. Joy and G. Scheuermann and B. Hamann and J Bennett
CSE-2002-37.pdf (Technical Report): Exploiting User Profiles to Support Differentiated Services in Next- Generation Wireless Networks
Authors: V. Pandey and D. Ghosal and B. Mukherjee
CSE-2002-38.pdf (Technical Report): Computing The Disconnectivity Of A Graph
Authors: G. Nuckolls and C. Martel and D. Sniegowski and M. Haungs


CSE-2001-2.pdf (Technical Report): A Two-Step Paging Scheme in a Macrocell/Microcell Cellular Network
Authors: Xiaoxin Wu and B. Mukherjee
CSE-2001-3.pdf (Technical Report): Hierarchical Architectures in the Third-Generation Network
Authors: Xiaoxin Wu and and B. Mukherjee and D. Ghosal
CSE-2001-4.pdf (Technical Report): Interleaved Polling with Adaptive Cycle Time (IPACT): Protocol Design and Performance Analysis
Authors: Glen Kramer and B. Mukherjee
CSE-2001-5.pdf (Technical Report): Design of MAC Protocols for DWADM-Based Metropolitan-Area Optical Ring Networks
Authors: Wonhong Cho and B. Mukherjee
CSE-2001-6.pdf (Technical Report): On the time complexity of finding link disjoint and bundle disjoint lightpaths in a WDM network
Authors: L. Sahasrabuddhe and B. Mukherjee
CSE-2001-7.pdf (Technical Report): Proceedings of the 2001 UC Davis Student Workshop on Computing
Authors: D. Keen
CSE-2001-8.pdf (Technical Report): A Practical Architecture for Reliable Quantum Computers
Authors: Mark Oskin and Frederic T. Chong and Isaac Chuang
CSE-2001-9.pdf (Technical Report): A General Model for Authenticated Data Structures
Authors: Chip Martel and Glen Nuckolls and Prem Devanbu and Michael Gertz and April Kwon and Stuart and G. Stubblebine
CSE-2001-10.pdf (Technical Report): MigratingSockets: Bridging the OS Primitive/Internet Application Gap
Authors: Michael Haungs and Raju Pandey and Earl Barr and J. Fritz Barnes
CSE-2001-11.pdf (Technical Report): A Model and Architecture for Conceptualized Data Annotations
Authors: Michael Gertz and Kai-Uwe Sattler


CSE-2000-1.pdf (Technical Report): Perfect Phylogenies for Incomplete Characters
Authors: Oliver Eulenstein and David Fernandez-Baca
CSE-2000-2.pdf (Technical Report): MACA- An Efficient Channel Allocation Scheme In Wireless Network
Authors: Xiaoxin Wu and B. Mukherjee and S.H and Gary Chan
CSE-2000-3.pdf (Technical Report): MADF: A Novel Approach to Add an Ad-Hoc Overlay On a Fixed Cellular Network Systems Info structure
Authors: B. Mukherjee and Xiaowin Wu
CSE-2000-4.pdf (Technical Report): Roadmaps to Higher IPC: Combining Statistical and Symbolic Simulation to Guide Microprocessor Designs
Authors: Mark Oskin and Fred Chong and Matt Farrens
CSE-2000-5.pdf (Technical Report): Algorithmic Complexity with Page-Based Intelligent Memory
Authors: Mark Oskin and Lucian-Vlad Lita and Fred Chong and Justin Hensley and Diana Keen
CSE-2000-6.pdf (Technical Report): Benefits of Queded Handoff in a Multi-Tier Architechture
Authors: Xiaoxin Wu and B. Mukherjee and Dipak Ghosal
CSE-2000-7.pdf (Technical Report): Runtime Support for Type-Safe Dynamic Java Classes
Authors: Scott Malarbarba and Raju Pandey and Jeff Gragg and Earl Barr and J. Fritz Barnes
CSE-2000-8.pdf (Technical Report): Supporting Reconfigurable Security Policies for Mobile Programs
Authors: Brent Hashi and Scott Malarbarba and Raju Pandey and Matt Bishop
CSE-2000-9.pdf (Technical Report): Grad Workshop on Computing
Authors: Grad Workshop
CSE-2000-10.pdf (Technical Report): Traffic Grooming in an Optical WDM Mesh Network
Authors: Keyao Zhu and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-2000-11.pdf (Technical Report): Semantic Integrity Support in SQL-99 and Commercial (Object-) Relational Database Management Systems
Authors: Can Trker and Michael Gertz
CSE-2000-12.pdf (Technical Report): Quantifying the Benefits of Exploiting User Profiles in Cellular Networks
Authors: Vijoy Pandey and Dipak Ghosal and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-2000-13.pdf (Technical Report): Performance Evaluation of a Demand-Driven Data Diffusion Algorithm for Hierarchical Caching
Authors: F. Wang and R. Mukhopadhyay and K. Kong and D. Ghosal and S.L. Hakimi


CSE-99-1.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-99-1
Authors: Chip Martel and Dan Gusfield
CSE-99-2.pdf (Technical Report): The Design of Grids: A Graph-Based Intrusion Stuart Staniford-Chen Detection System
Authors: Steven Cheung
CSE-99-3.pdf (Technical Report): UMAC-Message Authentication Code using Halevi Universal Hashing
Authors: Black and Hevia and Krawczyk and Krovetz and Rogaway
CSE-99-4.pdf (Technical Report): ATLAS: A TCP-level Load-shared Active Server
Authors: Vijoy Pandey and Dipak Ghosal
CSE-99-5.pdf (Technical Report): A Scheduling Scheme for Controlling Allocation of CPU Resources for Mobile Programs
Authors: Raju Pandey
CSE-99-6.pdf (Technical Report): Inference of Haplotypes from PCR-Amplified Samples of Diploid Populations: Complexity and Algorithms
Authors: Dan Gusfield
CSE-99-7.pdf (Technical Report): Support for Implementation of Evolutionary Concurrent Systems
Authors: Pandey and J.C. Browne
CSE-99-8.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-99-8
Authors: Gusfield
CSE-99-9.pdf (Technical Report): Grad Workshop on Computing
Authors: Grad Workshop
CSE-99-10.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-99-10
Authors: Raju Pandey
CSE-99-11.pdf (Technical Report): CBC MACs for Arbitrary-Length Messages: The Three-Key Constructions
Authors: John Black and Phil Rogaway
CSE-99-12.pdf (Technical Report): Selective Pipeline Flushing: A Technique for Reducing Branch Penalty
Authors: Matthew Farrens and Ramu Pyreddy and Gary Tyson
CSE-99-13.pdf (Technical Report): Photonic Slot Routing in All-Optical Packet-Switched
Authors: Hui Zang and Jason P. Jue and Biswanath Mukherjee and Debasish Datta


CSE-98-1.pdf (Technical Report): Fault Tolerant Design of Wavelength-Routed Optical Networks
Authors: Ramamurthy and Mukherjee
CSE-98-2.pdf (Technical Report): Simple and Flexible Detection of Contiguous Repeats Using a Suffix Tree
Authors: J. Stoye amd D. Gusfield
CSE-98-3.pdf (Technical Report): Security Policy Specification Using a Graphical Approach
Authors: J. Hoagland and Pandey and Levitt
CSE-98-4.pdf (Technical Report): Flexible Linear Time Collection of all Contiguous Repeats in a String
Authors: Dan Gusfield and J.Stoye
CSE-98-5.pdf (Technical Report): Automatic Policy Satisfaction and Verification for Intranet Wide Defense Systems Using Signature Based Intrusion Detection and Response Systems
Authors: Mell
CSE-98-6.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-98-6
Authors: L. Sahasrabuddhe and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-98-7.pdf (Technical Report): Executive Summary of the UC Davis Intrusion Detection and Response Data Sharing Workshop
Authors: Matt Bishop and S. Northcutt
CSE-98-8.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-98-8
Authors: Raju Pandey
CSE-98-9.pdf (Technical Report): Proceedings of the 1998 UC Davis Student Workshop editor on computing
Authors: J. Black
CSE-98-10.pdf (Technical Report): Design Issues for Decoupled Compilers
Authors: Farrens and M. Rich
CSE-98-11.pdf (Technical Report): Relations Among Notions of Security for Public-Key A. Desai Encryption SchemesD. Pointcheval
Authors: M. Bellare and A. Desai and D. Pointcheval and P. Rogaway
CSE-98-12.pdf (Technical Report): PSS: Provably Secure Encoding Method for Digital Signatures
Authors: M. Bellare and P. Rogaway
CSE-98-13.pdf (Technical Report): DHAES: An Encryption Scheme Based on the Diffie-Hellman Problem
Authors: M. Bellare and Phil Rogaway


CSE-97-4.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-97-4
Authors: Laxman
CSE-97-5.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-97-5
Authors: Pandey
CSE-97-6.pdf (Technical Report): A Data Structure for Unstructured 3-Dimensional
Authors: J. Legakis and R. MacCracken and Meshes and Ken Joy
CSE-97-7.pdf (Technical Report): Impact of Transmission Impairments on Teletraffic Performance of Wavelength Routed Optical Networks
Authors: B. Ramamurthy
CSE-97-8.pdf (Technical Report): Minimizing the Use of Random Oracles in Authenticated Encryption Schemes
Authors: M. Bellare and Phil Rogaway
CSE-97-14.pdf (Technical Report): Bucket Hasing and its Application to Fast Message Authentication
Authors: Phil Rogaway
CSE-97-15.pdf (Technical Report): The Security of the Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code
Authors: M. Bellare and J. Kilian and Phil Rogaway
CSE-97-16.pdf (Technical Report): Modeling and Simulation of Fixed Alternate Routing and Wavelength Conversion in Wavelength Routed Optical Networks
Authors: Ramamurthy and Mukherjee
CSE-97-17.pdf (Technical Report): Detecting Disruptive Routers: A Distributed Network Monitoring Approach
Authors: K. Bradley
CSE-97-18.pdf (Technical Report): Restricted Dual Path Execution 11/97
Authors: Matthew Farrens and T. Heil and J. Smith and G. Tyson
CSE-97-9.pdf (Technical Report): A Concrete Security Treatment of Symmetric Encryption: Analysis of the DES Modes of Operation
Authors: M. Bellare and A. Desai and E. Jokipii and Phil Rogaway


CSE-96-1.pdf (Technical Report): The Refinement Rules for Catmull-Clark Solids
Authors: Ken Joy
CSE-96-2.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-96-2
Authors: Dan Gusfield
CSE-96-3.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-96-3
Authors: Dan Gusfield
CSE-96-4.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-96-4
Authors: Dan Gusfield
CSE-96-5.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-96-5
Authors: Dan Gusfield
CSE-96-6.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-96-6
Authors: Norm Matloff
CSE-96-7.pdf (Technical Report): Free-form Deformations with lattices of Arbitrary Topology
Authors: R. MacCracken and Ken Joy
CSE-96-8.pdf (Technical Report): Constraint Satisfaction in Optical Routing for Passive Wavelength-Routed Networks
Authors: D. Banerjee and J. Frank
CSE-96-9.pdf (Technical Report): Free-Form Deformations with Lattices of Arbitrary Topology
Authors: R. MacCracken and Ken Joy
CSE-96-10.pdf (Technical Report): Performance Analysis of a Replicated Server Architecture for Supporting IP-Host Mobility
Authors: J. P. Jue and Dipak Ghosal
CSE-96-11.pdf (Technical Report): A Critical Analysis of Vulnerability Taxonomies
Authors: Matt Bishop and D. Bailey
CSE-96-12.pdf (Technical Report): Optical Components for WDM Lightwave Networks
Authors: M. Borella and S. Jue and Banerjee and Ramamurthy and Mukherjee
CSE-96-13.pdf (Technical Report): Optimizing Amplifier Placements in a Multi-Wavelength Optical Network
Authors: Ramamurthy and J. Iness and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-96-14.pdf (Technical Report): Learning Short-Term Weights for GSAT
Authors: J. Frank
CSE-96-15.pdf (Technical Report): Passive Optical Network Architecture Based on Waveguide Grating Routers
Authors: D. Banerjee and J. Frank and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-96-16.pdf (Technical Report): Preliminary Study to Justify the Use of Sparse Wavelength Converters in Optical Networks
Authors: J. Iness and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-96-17.pdf (Technical Report): Wavelength Conversion in WDM Networking
Authors: B. Ramamurthy Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-96-18.pdf (Technical Report): The Exact Security of Digital Signatures – How to Sign with RSA and Rabin
Authors: M. Bellare and Phil Rogaway
CSE-96-19.pdf (Technical Report): Diagnosing Jultiple Interacting Defects with Combination Descriptions
Authors: Nancy Reed
CSE-96-20.pdf (Technical Report): Integration of an Expert Teaching Assistant with Distance Learning Software
Authors: Nancy Reed
CSE-96-21.pdf (Technical Report): Branch Penalty Reduction via Modified Hardware Predication
Authors: Matthew Farrens and G. Tyson and K. Rich and A. Pleszkun


CSE-95-1.pdf (Technical Report): An Improved Model of Heterogeneous Elevator (SCAN) Polling
Authors: M. S. Borella and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-95-2.pdf (Technical Report): Distributed Tracing of Intruders
Authors: S. Staniford-Chen
CSE-95-3.pdf (Technical Report): Microkernel Support for Distributed Programming Languages: Issues in Design and Implementation
Authors: G. Bemson
CSE-95-4.pdf (Technical Report): Scheduling Packet Traffic on Latin-Router-Based SingleHop WDM Local Optical Networks
Authors: M. Borella
CSE-95-5.pdf (Technical Report): A Lower Bound on the Expected Cost of Minimum Delay Multicast Traffic
Authors: M. Borella
CSE-95-6.pdf (Technical Report): A New Approach to Cache Management
Authors: Matthew Farrens and G. Tyson and F. Matthews and A. Pleszkun
CSE-95-7.pdf (Technical Report): Reducing the Branch Penalty of Mispredicted Short Forward Branches
Authors: G. Tyson and Matthew Farrens and K. Rich and A. Pleszkun
CSE-95-8.pdf (Technical Report): A Taxonomy of UNIX System and Network
Authors: Matt Bishop
CSE-95-9.pdf (Technical Report): Race Conditions, Files, and Security Flaws; or the Tortoise and the Hare Redux
Authors: Matt Bishop
CSE-95-10.pdf (Technical Report): Checking for Race Conditions in File Accesses
Authors: Matt Bishop and M. Dilger
CSE-95-11.pdf (Technical Report): Audit Log-Analysis Using the Visual Audit Browser Toolkit
Authors: J. Hoagland and Christopher Wee and Karl Levitt
CSE-95-12.pdf (Technical Report): Generating Optimal Sequential Experiments for a Bayesian Classifier
Authors: R. Davis and A. Prietitis
CSE-95-13.pdf (Technical Report): Problems with Proposed IP Cryptography
Authors: Phil Rogaway
CSE-95-14.pdf (Technical Report): CBC Encryption
Authors: Phil Rogaway
CSE-95-15.pdf (Technical Report): An interface language between specifications and 12/95
Authors: G. Fink and M. Helmke and Matt Bishop and Karl Levitt
CSE-95-16.pdf (Technical Report): Random Oracles are Practical: A Paradigm for Designing Efficient Protocols
Authors: M. Bellare and Phil Rogaway
CSE-95-17.pdf (Technical Report): Provably Secure Session Key Distribution – The Three Party Case
Authors: M. Bellare and Phil Rogaway
CSE-95-18.pdf (Technical Report): XOR MACs: New Methods for Message Authentication Using Finite Pseudorandom Functions
Authors: M. Bellare and R. Guérin and Phil Rogaway
CSE-95-19.pdf (Technical Report): Optimal Asymmetric Encryption – How to Encrypt with RSA
Authors: M. Bellare and Phil Rogaway


CSE-94-1.pdf (Technical Report): An approximation algorithm for the minimum broadcast time problem
Authors: R. Ravi
CSE-94-2.pdf (Technical Report): Towards a Formal Verification of a Distributed System and its Applications
Authors: Karl Levitt and Ron Olsson and M. Archer and C. Zhang and R. Shaw and M. Hickman
CSE-94-3.pdf (Technical Report): Towards a Property-based Testing Environment with Applications to Security-Critical Software
Authors: G. Fink and C. Ko and M. Archer and Karl Levitt
CSE-94-4.pdf (Technical Report): A Distributed Algorithm for Dynamic Load Balancing on WDM/TDM Local Lightwave Networks
Authors: M. Borella and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-94-5.pdf (Technical Report): Preliminary Specification of MicroSR Semantics in HOL
Authors: C. Zhang
CSE-94-6.pdf (Technical Report): Improved Solution to the Reproducibility Problem for Semaphores
Authors: Ron Olsson
CSE-94-7.pdf (Technical Report): Reproducible Execution of SR Programs
Authors: Ron Olsson
CSE-94-8.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-94-8
Authors: J. Iness
CSE-94-9.pdf (Technical Report): Tools for Teaching CCRs, Monitors, and CSP Concurrent Programming Concepts
Authors: Ron Olsson and C. McNamee
CSE-94-10.pdf (Technical Report): Implementation Notes for CCR, Monitor, and CSP Preprocessors for SR
Authors: Ron Olsson
CSE-94-11.pdf (Technical Report): Experience Using the C Preprocessor to Implement CCR, Monitor, and CSP Preprocessors for SR
Authors: Ron Olsson
CSE-94-12.pdf (Technical Report): Qualitative Regularization: Resolving Non-smooth Solutions
Authors: L. Simcik and Peter Linz
CSE-94-13.pdf (Technical Report): A Reservation-Based Multicasting Protocol for WDM4 Local Lightwave Networks
Authors: M. Borella and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-94-14.pdf (Technical Report): Entity Authentication and Key Distribution
Authors: M. Bellare and Phil Rogaway


CSE-93-1.pdf (Technical Report): Combinatorial algorithms for DNA sequence assembly
Authors: J. Kececioglu
CSE-93-2.pdf (Technical Report): Exact and approximation algorithms for the inversion distance between two chromosomes
Authors: J. Kececioglu
CSE-93-3.pdf (Technical Report): An Analysis of the Linear Functional Strategy for Ill-Posed Problems
Authors: Peter Linz
CSE-93-4.pdf (Technical Report): FANSYS: A Computer Model of Text Comprehension and Question Answering for Failure Analysis
Authors: S. Alvarado and R. K. Braun and K. J. Mock
CSE-93-5.pdf (Technical Report): Scheduling Variable-Length Messages In A Single-Hop Multichannel Local Lightwave Network
Authors: Feiling Jia and Biswanath Mukherjee and J. Inesson
CSE-93-6.pdf (Technical Report): Using General Polar Values as Control Points for Polynomial Curves
Authors: M. Duchaineau
CSE-93-7.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-93-7
Authors: Calvin Ko
CSE-93-8.pdf (Technical Report): Optimized Partitioning of a Wavelength Distributed Data Interface Ring Network
Authors: Biswanath Mukherjee and S. Ramamurthy and B. Moslehi
CSE-93-9.pdf (Technical Report): Network Intrusion Detection
Authors: Biswanath Mukherjee and K.N. Levitt
CSE-93-10.pdf (Technical Report): Some Principles for Designing A Wide-Area Optical Network
Authors: Biswanath Mukherjee and S. Ramamurthy and D. Banerjee and A. Mukherjee
CSE-93-11.pdf (Technical Report): GEMNET: A Generalized, Shuffle-Exchange-Based Regular, Scalable, and Modular Multihop Network Based on WDM Lightwave Technology
Authors: J. Iness and Biswanath Mukherjee and S. Banerjee
CSE-93-12.pdf (Technical Report): Variable-length Message Scheduling Algoritms for WDM-based Multichannel Local Lightwave Networks with Performance Comparisons
Authors: F. Jia and Biswanath Mukherjee and J. Iness and S. Ojha
CSE-93-13.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-93-13
Authors: Dan Gusfield


CSE-92-16.pdf (Technical Report): Algorithms for Optimized Node Arrangements in ShuffleNet Based Multihop Lightwave Networks
Authors: S. Banerjee and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-92-17.pdf (Technical Report): Intrusion Detection: the Applic of Feature Selection a Comparison of Algorithms and the Application of a Wide Area Network Analyzer
Authors: J. Doak
CSE-92-18.pdf (Technical Report): An Evaluation of Feature Selection Methods and Their Application to Computer Security
Authors: J. Doak
CSE-92-19.pdf (Technical Report): Towards a Verified Code Basis for a Secure Distributed Operating System
Authors: W. L. Harrison
CSE-92-20.pdf (Technical Report): Mechanizing the Axiomatic Semantics for a Programming Language with Asynchronous Send and Receive in HOL
Authors: W. L. Harrison
CSE-92-21.pdf (Technical Report): A HOL Mechanization of The Axiomatic Semantics of a Simple Distributed Programming Language
Authors: W. L. Harrsion
CSE-92-22.pdf (Technical Report): Learning Reward Functions in Real-Time for Continuous-Spac e Navigation
Authors: G. Bemson and A. Prieditis
CSE-92-23.pdf (Technical Report): MISC: A Multiple Instruction Stream Computer
Authors: Matthew Farrens and G. Tyson A. Pleszkun
CSE-92-24.pdf (Technical Report): A Study of Single-Chip Processor/Cache Organizations for Large Numbers of Transistors
Authors: Matthew Farrens and G. Tyson and A. Pleszkun
CSE-92-25.pdf (Technical Report): Using Coherent Cache Clusters as Multiported Memories in Large-scale Parallel Systems
Authors: A. Park and Matthew Farrens
CSE-92-1.pdf (Technical Report): Proofs Incorporating Extra-Formal Information
Authors: Sara Kalvara and M. Archerla
CSE-92-2.pdf (Technical Report): SR: A Language for Pararallel and Distributed Programming
Authors: Ron Olsson and G. R. Andrews and G. M. Townsend
CSE-92-3.pdf (Technical Report): Static Inter-module Analysis for Determining Process Co-Residency
Authors: C. M. McNamee and Ron Olsson
CSE-92-4.pdf (Technical Report): Efficient and Fair Protocol for a Multichannel Lightwave Network
Authors: S. Banerjee and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-92-5.pdf (Technical Report): Dynamic and Near-Optimal Configurations of Photonic Ring Networks
Authors: S. Banerjee and Biswanth Mukherjee
CSE-92-6.pdf (Technical Report): A Generalized SVD Method for Ill-Posed Problems
Authors: Peter Linz
CSE-92-7.pdf (Technical Report): Semantic Issues in the Design of Languages for Debugging
Authors: R. Crawford H. and Ron Olsson and W. W. Ho and C. E. Wee
CSE-92-8.pdf (Technical Report): The Receiver Collison Avoidance (RCA) Protocol for a Single-Hop WDM Local Lightwave Network
Authors: F. Jia and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-92-9.pdf (Technical Report): Combinable Collections of Knot Suites: Generalized Spline Control Through Blossoming
Authors: M.A. Duchaineau
CSE-92-10.pdf (Technical Report): Validation of Array Accesses: Integration of Flow Analysis and Program Verification Techniques
Authors: R. W. Lo and Karl Levitt and Ron Olsson
CSE-92-11.pdf (Technical Report): A New View of Non-Interference
Authors: R. Shaw J. and Ron Olsson
CSE-92-15.pdf (Technical Report): RegularNet: An Arbitrary-Sized, Regular-Structured, Reconfigurable, Fault-Tolerant WDM-Based Multihop Lightwave Network
Authors: J. Sung and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-92-12.pdf (Technical Report): XGP User’s Manual. A Simple X-Window Graphics
Authors: D.Austin and S.McCall and Ken Joy


CSE-91-31.pdf (Technical Report): On Standards for Numerical Software
Authors: Peter Linz
CSE-91-32.pdf (Technical Report): Architectures and Protocols for WDM-Based Local Lightwave Networks
Authors: Mukherjee
CSE-91-33.pdf (Technical Report): Bimodal Throughput and Nonmonotonic Delay Characteristics of A Single-Hop WDM Local Lightwave Network
Authors: Biswanath Mukherjee and F. Jiailing
CSE-91-34.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-91-34
Authors: Alvarado
CSE-91-35.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-91-35
Authors: Alvarado
CSE-91-36.pdf (Technical Report): Improving Issue Rates of Deeply Pipelined Processors
Authors: Matthew Farrens and A. Pleszkun
CSE-91-37.pdf (Technical Report): A Partitioned Translation Lookaside Buffer Approachto Reducing Address Bandwidth
Authors: Matthew Farrens and A. Park and R. Fanfelle and Pius Ng and G. Tyson
CSE-91-15.pdf (Technical Report): Is the Shuffle-Exchange Better than the Butterfly
Authors: R. Raghunathan and Huzur Saran
CSE-91-16.pdf (Technical Report): Towards Composition of Verified Hardware
Authors: T. E. Schubert
CSE-91-17.pdf (Technical Report): Kanji-Lookup: A Computer-Based System for Beginning Students of Japanese
Authors: Richard Walters and D. Fahy and A. Y. Nakamura and C. M. Reid
CSE-91-18.pdf (Technical Report): Analysis of the Paging Behavior of UNIX
Authors: A. Park and J. C. Becker
CSE-91-19.pdf (Technical Report): Compiler Optimization of Interprocess Communication and Synchronization Mechanisms
Authors: C. M. McNamee
CSE-91-20.pdf (Technical Report): Mechanical Verification of Secure Distributed System Specifications
Authors: J. Alves-Foss
CSE-91-21.pdf (Technical Report): Mechanical Verification of Secure Distributed System Specifications: The HOL Proofs & Definitions
Authors: J. Alves-Foss
CSE-91-22.pdf (Technical Report): Representing and Enumerating Edge Connectivity Cuts in RNC
Authors: D. Naor and V. Vazirani
CSE-91-23.pdf (Technical Report): Towards Detecting Intrusions in a Networked Environment
Authors: T. Heberlein
CSE-91-25.pdf (Technical Report): Analyzing the Information Content of Address Reference Streams
Authors: J. Becker and A. Park and Matthew Farrens
CSE-91-26.pdf (Technical Report): Workload and Implementation Considerations for Dynamic
Authors: Matthew Farrens and A. Park
CSE-91-27.pdf (Technical Report): Proceedings of the Joint American-Japanese Workshop on Parallel Knowledge Systems and Logic Programming
Authors: R. Keller
CSE-91-28.pdf (Technical Report): CCHIME: A Cache Coherent Hybrid Interconnected Memory Extension
Authors: Matthew Farrens and A. Park and A. Woodruff
CSE-91-29.pdf (Technical Report): Heuristic Algorithms for Constructing Near-Optimal Structures of Linear Multihop Lightwave Networks
Authors: S. Banerjee and Biswanath Mukherjee and D. Sarkar
CSE-91-30.pdf (Technical Report): Design of A Knowledge-Based System for Underlying
Authors: C. Zhang and Richard Walters
CSE-91-1.pdf (Technical Report): An Overview of Compiler Optimization of Interprocess Communication and Synchronization Mechanisms
Authors: Ron Olsson and C. M. McNamee
CSE-91-2.pdf (Technical Report): Axiomatic Semantics for Escape Statements
Authors: D. T. Huang and Ron Olsson
CSE-91-4.pdf (Technical Report): Efficient Methods for Multiple Sequence Alignment With Guaranteed Error Bounds
Authors: Dan Gusfield
CSE-91-5.pdf (Technical Report): Color set Size Problem with Applications to String Matching
Authors: L. Hui


CSE-90-22.pdf (Technical Report): The Formal Verification of Generic Interpreters
Authors: P.J. Windley
CSE-90-24.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-90-24
Authors: A. Jasuja
CSE-90-25.pdf (Technical Report): An Approach to Genuine Dynamic Linking
Authors: W. W. Ho and Ron Olsson
CSE-90-26.pdf (Technical Report): How to emulate synchrony
Authors: Chip Martel and R. Subramonian
CSE-90-27.pdf (Technical Report): Verification of Memory Management Units Using HOL
Authors: T. Schubert
CSE-90-28.pdf (Technical Report): Sequential Debugging: Raising its Level of Abstraction
Authors: Ron Olsson and R. Crawford and W. W. Ho and C. E. Wee
CSE-90-29.pdf (Technical Report): CSE-90-29
Authors: S. Kalvala
CSE-90-30.pdf (Technical Report): A Planning System for the Secure Systems
Authors: D. A. Frincke and M. Archer and Karl Levitt
CSE-90-31.pdf (Technical Report): Scheduling Variable-Length Messages On Slotted, High-Speed Fiber Optic LANs/MANs Using the Continuation-Bit Approach
Authors: Biswanath Mukherjee and A. Kamal
CSE-90-32.pdf (Technical Report): Alternative Strategies for Improving the Fairness in an Analytical Model of DQDB Networks
Authors: Biswanath Mukherjee and S. Banerjee
CSE-90-1.pdf (Technical Report): A Poor Man’s Implementation of Abstract Theories
Authors: P.J. Windley


CSE-89-18.pdf (Technical Report): A Posteriori Error Bounds for Nonlinear Operator Equations
Authors: R. L. C. Wang and Peter Linz
CSE-89-19.pdf (Technical Report): On Invisibility Coherence
Authors: Ken Joy
CSE-89-20.pdf (Technical Report): On the Complexity of Distributed Algorithms for Multiple Access Broadcast Networks
Authors: T. P. Vayda
CSE-89-21.pdf (Technical Report): A Fast Algorithm for the Generalized Parametric Minimum Cut Problem and Applications
Authors: Dan Gusfield and Chip Martel
CSE-89-22.pdf (Technical Report): A Failure Detection and Handling Mechanism for the SR Distributed Programming Language
Authors: D. T. Huang
CSE-89-23.pdf (Technical Report): An Exception Handling Mechanism for SR
Authors: D. T. Huang and Ron Olsson
CSE-89-24.pdf (Technical Report): Toward the Optimization of Interprocess Communication Mechanisms
Authors: C. McNamee
CSE-89-25.pdf (Technical Report): Transformations for Optimizing Interprocess Communication
Authors: C. McNamee and Ron Olsson
CSE-89-26.pdf (Technical Report): A Comparison of Synchronization Mechanisms for Concurrent Programming
Authors: J. Herman
CSE-89-27.pdf (Technical Report): A Hierarchical Methodology for Verifying Microprocessors
Authors: P. Windley
CSE-89-28.pdf (Technical Report): Bounds and Estimates for Condition Numbers of Integral Equations
Authors: Peter Linz
CSE-89-29.pdf (Technical Report): Integrated Voice-Data Communication Over High-Speed Fiber Optic Networks
Authors: Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-89-30.pdf (Technical Report): Faster Detection of Comprised Data In 2-D Tables
Authors: Dan Gusfield
CSE-89-31.pdf (Technical Report): OpEd: A Computer Model of Argument Comprehension and Retrieval
Authors: Alvarado
CSE-89-32.pdf (Technical Report): A Model of Politico-Economic Knowledge for Computer Comprehension of Editorials
Authors: Alvarado
CSE-89-33.pdf (Technical Report): Improved Uniprocessor Cache Performance Using an Optical Interconnect
Authors: T. Schubert and R. Gosula and Norm Matloff
CSE-89-34.pdf (Technical Report): Natural Language Processing: Computer Comprehension of Editorial Text
Authors: Alvarado
CSE-89-35.pdf (Technical Report): Argument Representation for Editorial Text
Authors: Alvarado
CSE-89-36.pdf (Technical Report): Argument Comprehension and Retrieval for Editorial Text
Authors: Alvarado
CSE-89-37.pdf (Technical Report): Exception Handling in an Object-Oriented Language
Authors: P. Windley
CSE-89-38.pdf (Technical Report): The Design and Implementation of a High Performance Single-Chip Processor
Authors: Matthew Farrens


CSE-88-1.pdf (Technical Report): The SR Approach to Multiway Rendezvous
Authors: M. Coffin and Ron Olsson
CSE-88-2.pdf (Technical Report): Parametric Stable Marriage
Authors: Dan Gusfield and R. W. Irving
CSE-88-3.pdf (Technical Report): An Algorithm for the Pi-Persistent Protocol – Using Infinite Buffers and Channel Feedback
Authors: Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-88-4.pdf (Technical Report): Efficient Algorithms for Inferring Evolutionary History
Authors: Dan Gusfield
CSE-88-5.pdf (Technical Report): A Program for Solving Fredholm Integral Equations with Guaranteed Accuracy
Authors: Peter Linz and R. L. C. Wang
CSE-88-6.pdf (Technical Report): Partial Implementations of Abstract Data Types: Theory and Practice. Thesis, June 1988
Authors: M. Archer
CSE-88-7.pdf (Technical Report): Performance of Priority Queue Structures in a Virtual Memory Environment
Authors: D. Naor and Chip Martel and Norm Matloff
CSE-88-8.pdf (Technical Report): A Study of Two Efficient Access Protocols for Unidirectional Broadcast Bus Networks
Authors: A. C. Lantz and Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-88-9.pdf (Technical Report): The Open-Ring/Active-Bus Network Structure – Access Techniques and Their Heavy Traffic Performance
Authors: Biswanath Mukherjee
CSE-88-10.pdf (Technical Report): SIGGRAPH/88 – Slides from Tutorial #9
Authors: Ken Joy
CSE-88-11.pdf (Technical Report): Properties of Sorting and Maximum Finding on a Multiple Access Channel
Authors: Chip Martel and W.-L. Moh
CSE-88-12.pdf (Technical Report): A Simple Techniques for Automatic Recompilation in Modular Programming Languages
Authors: Ron Olsson and G. R. Whitehead
CSE-88-13.pdf (Technical Report): Design of Monolithic Digital Archieve: Bringing the Library of Congress on Line
Authors: A. Park
CSE-88-14.pdf (Technical Report): Extracting Maximal Information About Sets of Minimum Cuts
Authors: Dan Gusfield and D. Naor
CSE-88-15.pdf (Technical Report): A Fast Parallel Quicksort Algorithm
Authors: Chip Martel and Dan Gusfield
CSE-88-16.pdf (Technical Report): The Processor Identify Problem
Authors: R.J. Lipton and A. Park
CSE-88-17.pdf (Technical Report): A Workstation Based Course Management and Instruction System
Authors: Fisher
CSE-88-18.pdf (Technical Report): Expected Linear Time Sorting on a Multiple Access Channel
Authors: Chip Martel and W.-L. Moh
CSE-88-19.pdf (Technical Report): L.C. Bounds on the Inverses of Certain Integral Operators with Non-Smooth Kernels
Authors: Wang, R. and Peter Linz
CSE-88-20.pdf (Technical Report): A Multilingual Workstation Support System
Authors: Richard Walters


CSE-87-1.pdf (Technical Report): Very Simple Algorithms and Programs for all Pairs Network Flow Analysis
Authors: Dan Gusfield
CSE-87-2.pdf (Technical Report): Computing the Strength of a Network in 0(|V|3E|) Time
Authors: Dan Gusfield
CSE-87-3.pdf (Technical Report): Computer Graphics Shading Models, M.S. Thesis 6/87
Authors: J. Chen
CSE-87-4.pdf (Technical Report): An Overview of a Graphical, Multi-Language Applications Environment
Authors: Fisher
CSE-87-5.pdf (Technical Report): Precise Bounds for Inverses of Integral Equation Operators
Authors: Peter Linz
CSE-87-6.pdf (Technical Report): Approximate Solution of Fredholm Integral Equations with Accurate and Computable Error Bounds
Authors: Peter Linz
CSE-87-7.pdf (Technical Report): A Comparison of Phase and Non-phase Network Flow Algorithms
Authors: Chip Martel
CSE-87-8.pdf (Technical Report): A Critique of Numerical Analysis
Authors: Peter Linz
CSE-87-9.pdf (Technical Report): An Overview of the SR Language and Implementation
Authors: G. R. Andrews and Ron Olsson and M. Coffin and I. Elshoff and K. Nilsen and T. Purdin
CSE-87-10.pdf (Technical Report): Performance of Multitasking and Synchronization Mechanism
Authors: M. S. Atkins and Ron Olsson
CSE-87-12.pdf (Technical Report): Soft Shadow Volumes
Authors: Ken Joy


CSE-86-1.pdf (Technical Report): Ray Tracing Parametric Surface Patches Utilizing Numerical Techniques and Ray Coherence
Authors: Ken Joy and M. Bhetanabhotla
CSE-86-2.pdf (Technical Report): Color Approximation Techniques for Realistic Image Synthesis
Authors: C. F. Borges
CSE-86-3.pdf (Technical Report): The Daisy Applications Development Environment
Authors: Fisher and F.J. Leahy and Ken Joy
CSE-86-4.pdf (Technical Report): Ray Tracing Parametric Surface Patches Using Spatial Coherence and Numerical Techniques
Authors: M. Bhetanabhotla
CSE-86-5.pdf (Technical Report): VLSI Architecture for Curve Detection
Authors: H. D. Cheng and C. Tong
CSE-86-6.pdf (Technical Report): A Dissection of Fujimoto’s Algorithm
Authors: Ken Joy