Change of Major

The requirements to change majors into the Computer Science (CS) major in the College of Letters and Science changed in Spring Quarter 2015. With the declaration of CS as an impacted major, new prerequisites for transferring into the major will be enforced.

Students that are considering switching to CS must have a 3.0 GPA at the time the petition is submitted. Additionally, students must have completed the following courses with a grade of C- or better:

ECS 20
Choose one option:
(a) ECS 30 or ECS 36A, ECS 40 or 36B
(b) ECS 34

Note: ECS 34 has a prerequisite chain of ECS 32A and 32B. Students who complete ECS 32B SHOULD NOT take ECS 36B or 36C.

University requirements state that all students considering switching their major must have completed at least one quarter at UC Davis, as well as be in good academic standing.

Students must come in during drop-in advising hours to make a course plan.

Double Major

In addition to the requirements above, students must also complete ECS 50 and (60 or 34 or 36C)  before attempting to declare a double major in CS. After these courses have been completed, students must also obtain an academic plan that has been approved by the major advisers of both majors showing that the double major can be completed in fewer than 225 units.

After the academic plan has been approved, students may submit the Change of Major form on OASIS to add the second major.