One of the goals of the Department of Computer Science is to assist students to be successful and learn as much as possible in their academic program. Specifically with respect to prerequisites, when a student takes a course without the prerequisites, he/she, more often than not, is less likely to pass (or do well in) the course, gains less insight into the course material, and can unnecessarily burden instructional resources, e.g., the instructor and/or TA’s time. The department regularly scans ECS courses to ensure that registered and waitlisted students have completed their prerequisites. We therefore strongly recommend that you enroll only in those courses for which you have completed the prerequisites or for which the prerequisite course is in progress.

If as an oversight you enrolled in a course without the required prerequisite, please drop the course as soon as possible, but no later than the drop deadline.

After the drop deadline, instructors can ask the Registrar to automatically drop students who have not completed prerequisites. Students will be notified by email if they are going to be dropped from a course.

Course prerequisites are available on the respective course description page.

If you have any questions regarding course prerequisites or believe you have a good case for an exception, please contact the instructor directly. An updated list of instructors for this year is available at the schedules page.

Thanks for your cooperation and all the best for the academic year!