UC Davis Undergraduate Computer Science Travel Grant
As a response to the many exciting opportunities CS and CSE students have to attend academic and professional computer science seminars, talks, and conferences, the Computer Science department has started the CS Travel Grant, which can provide limited financial support for CS and CSE majors interested in traveling and/or participating in CS related events.
Grant Guidelines
Please read carefully
  • These funds are intended to be used for activities or projects that deepen, extend, and enrich a student’s learning experiences and are not, routinely awarded to support work done to fulfill course or program requirements.
  • A call for proposals will go out three times per year in the first part of each quarter. A deadline will be given for applications to be submitted. The Computer Science Undergraduate Committee will then meet to review applications and make award decisions. The Chair of the Department will review and approve the committee’s suggestions.
  • Award notices will then be sent via email to award recipients.
  • Recipients must be full-time Undergraduate students: if part time you will need to explain how you will balance this commitment.
  • Students must have the application signed by a supporting faculty member.
  • For conferences, evidence of your attendance and/or participation is required with your application. Original evidence includes an invitation to present a paper or poster at a conference; registration receipts; conference flyer – some kind of verification regarding the conference or workshop you are attending. Date and location MUST be noted.
  • Students may submit an application once per academic year. They may however submit an additional application if a previous one was denied.
  • Awards will range from $100 to $300.
PLEASE, do not submit a proposal until you are certain of which conference you will be attending. The Committee discourages changing of request(s).
Students will be asked to give information for possible use in articles in various UC Davis publications.
If you are requesting mileage, please fill out an additional mileage request form in the CS Dept. Office.
Students can only be reimbursed for expenses after the travel and/or project is complete.
NOTE: Applications will only be accepted PRIOR to travel/event attendance during the first 5 weeks of each quarter. Applications will not be accepted after travel to and attendance at an event has already occurred (i.e. for retroactive reimbursement requests).


To Apply:

CS Travel Grant Fund Application