ECS 293A - Research in Computer Science
Fall 2014

CRN: #41069

Lecture: M 11:00 - 11:50 pm, 107 Cruess

Instructors: Prof. Nina Amenta and Prof. Charles Martel

Office Hours:Mon 4-5 pm, 2123 Kemper Hall


This coure offers general preparation for research in computer science. It is intended for incoming graduate students. In addition to useful career information, this is a good opportunity to meet fellow first-year students, and wander off for lunch afterwards.

There will be no exams. The requirements are participation, and completion of a writing assignment, which will probably be review of a paper, chosen by the student.

Tentative Schedule - subject to change!


Fellowship Opportunities - Please look at this immediately, and if you see something for which you are eligible, contact Prof. Amenta, Prof. Martel, or your adviser, immediately. Deadlines are all in the Fall, some as early as Oct 17.