Tensor Visualization

Original MATLAB visualization of the subduction simulation.

Our goal in this project is to present Prof. Billen's data, showing a simulation of the stresses and temperature of a tectonic plate being subducted under another and sinking into the earth's mantle.

The data is on the CSIF machines, at ~amenta/subduction_data/. Look at the README for detailed information.

Prof. Billen is interested in seeing the magnitudes and the directions of the stress tensors, to understand where and in what direction the slab of the tectonic plate is being stretched or compressed. She also wants to see some indication of the temperature, as context. She wants to compare two or more time slices over the course of the simulation, to show how the stress pattern changes.

Prof. Billen may use these visualizations in talks, articles and Web pages explaining the simulation (if she uses your visualization, she will give you credit). She is interested in both stills and movies. Movies can show either a single time-slice (using animation to show directions of compression, for instance), or the change over time. Since this is an exploratory project, you should feel free to let your project show several different visualizations of the data.

The assignment is due at 11pm on Tues May 27.

Your program should run on the CSIF machines in the Kemper basement.

Submit your program the handin script: put all the files required to compile and run your program into a directory (including a README, but NOT including the data), cd into that directory, and type "handin cs177 subduction *.