Templates for the Solution of Algebraic Eigenvalue Problems: A Practical Guide


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Organizations and Programs

These organizations and programs provided grants, graduate fellowships, other funding, and resources.

National Science Foundation (NSF)
U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Sandia National Laboratories
IBM Shared University Research Program
Sun Microsystems
National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
Swedish Research Councils for natural science (NFR) and engineering science (TFR)
Royal Society of Arts and Sciences in Goeteborg
Netherlands organization for scientific research NWO, priority program MPR

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The authors and editors wish to thank the following individuals.

Victor Eijkhout
Erik Elmroth
Zhongxiao Jia
P. Johansson
Beresford N. Parlett
Steve Smith
Hongguo Xu
Qiang Ye

The authors and editors are grateful to the SIAM staff for their great job of production, and particularly wish to thank:

Vickie Kearn
Deborah Poulson
Kelly Thomas
Marianne Will

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