Package Name SVDPACK
Author(s) Michael W. Berry
Version no version number available
Date 1992, C version revised 1996
Language Fortran 77, C
Platform(s) CRAY Y-MP, CRAY-2S, Alliant FX/80, SPARCstation 10, IBM RS/6000-550, DEC 5000-100, and HP 9000-750
References 6.3 Iterative Algorithms, Singular Value Decomposition
Functionality SVDPACK comprises four numerical (iterative) methods for computing the singular value decomposition (SVD) of large sparse matrices using double precision ANSI Fortran-77. A compatible ANSI-C version (SVDPACKC) is also available. This software package implements Lanczos and subspace iteration-based methods for determining several of the largest singular triplets (singular values and corresponding left- and right-singular vectors) for large sparse matrices. The development of SVDPACK wa motivated by the need to compute large rank approximations to sparse term-document matrices from information retrieval applications. Future updates to SVDPACK(C), will include out-of-core updating strategies, which can be used, for example, to handle extremely large sparse matrices (on the order of a million rows or columns) associated with extremely large databases in query-based information retrieval applications.

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