ECS 120 - Theory of Computation

Fall 2007


12/14: The Final Exams have been graded. The median and mean are 68% and 63%, respectively, and the st. dev. is 22. The high and low were 96% and 38%, respectively. All grades and stats are available in

12/14: The final grades have also been assigned. As promised, I dropped the lowest homewrok grade and the lower quiz grade. The grades are in

12/14: You guys should be proud as you've scored overall 15% better than others in this same class when I taught it previously. Congratulations!

12/14: Thanks for being a part of the class; I enjoyed a lot being your teacher. Good luck and Happy Holidays!


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Note: Homeworks are due at the beginning of class (or in Kemper 2131 by noon) on the due date.