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Details on service role of a center

First, it has to be emphasized that the infrastructure and operating costs for campus-wide service must be provided by central campus or by recharge. Moreover, the staff providing service will be separate from the research staff. The key function of the center will be research, but if given proper support from central campus, it would be natural to provide much needed services to the entire campus. The following is an outline of a possible way to structure the service.

Biocomputing Infrastructure Support for the Bioinformatics Programs:

I. Charge for the UCD Biocomputing Center for Bioinformatics

A. Maintain and develop computer infrastructure in bioinformatics (and genomics)

B. Educate and assist faculty, students and staff with regular workshops, classes and consultation.

C. Forge links with academic, industrial and governmental genomic agencies.

II. UCD Biocomputing Center (associated with the campus-wide Bioinformatics Program))

This facility would house computer labs with 20-30 Workstations for classes (e.g. similar to UCD visualization lab). These labs would have the latest technology for instruction with computers. For example, all information from the instructor's computers could appear in a window in the student's monitor, if desired. Space on each side of the computer/workstation should be adequate for student notebooks. (These are suggestions of the Pittsburgh supercomputer staff, who give frequent workshops.)

III. Staff for the Biocomputing Center

A. Manager (Ph.D. level): 50% salary from the Center/ 0.5 FTE from a department or section in the Division of Biology. This person would manage the Support Program for the Center of Biotechnology In addition this person would maintain his/her own research program. His/her teaching load should be reduced because of the teaching load in the Bioinformatics center. Consultation with faculty, students, staff will be a part of his/her job description.

B. Associate Manager: This staff position would be funded 100% by the center. The associate director would most likely have a Ph.D and would be expected to know and keep up with programs available in the literature and on the web. Consultation on appropriate programs to use for particular problems will be a major and important part of the Assoc. director's job. Organizing and teaching in the workshops, classes will be also expected.

C. Programmer(s): This (These) staff position(s) would be under the control of the Director.

D. Technical Support for Hardware Maintenance: At least 1 technician should be employed to maintain the workstation/computers in the Center.

III. Advisory Board An Advisory board composed of faculty members would advise the center on computer programs, workshops, and classes.

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Dan Gusfield