The SEQIO package is a set of C functions which can read and write biological sequence files formatted using various file formats and which can be used to perform database searches on biological databases. All of the code is packaged together into a single file, making it easy to incorporate into your programs.

To download a copy of Seqio-1.2.2: Download (.tar.gz)

seqio.tar.gz is a gzip'ed, tar file. To unpack after transferring, use the "gunzip" command to uncompress the file, and then use "tar xvf" to extract the files from the uncompressed tar file. The contents of each tar file will be placed in its own sub-directory.

Note: Jim Knight wrote this package in 1996 and the version left at UC Davis has not been updated since then. All of the circa 1996 discussions of future extensions etc. found in the Seqio documentation files should be understood accordingly. There are no further versions that I am aware of.

Thanks, Dan Gusfield, Feb. 2000