Charles U. Martel

Professor Emeritus

Professor Martel is Retired and is not taking on new students.

      Computer Science Department
      University of California
      Davis, CA 95616

B.S., MIT, 1975

Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 1980

Professor Martel's primary interests involve the design and analysis of efficient algorithms, with an emphasis on applications of algorithms. Recent work has focused on algorithms for network analysis and routing, graph algorithms, and computer security.

      Office: 3050 Kemper Hall

formerly taught Classes

ECS293 (formerly 298): Orientation for new graduate students F2004, W2005, F06. Topics include how to do research, writing and giving talks. More details at 293 web page

ECS222A: Algorithm Design and Analysis. F2008
Graduate followup to 122A. Covers more advanced topics and also has more of a focus on formal analysis of the algorithms studied. More details at 222A web page

  • Taped lectures from this class are also available at itunes university 222A itunes link

    ECS22B: Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis. Winter 2008
    Topics include advanced graph algorithms and randomized algorithms and approximation algorithms. More details at 222B web page

    ECS122A: Intro to Algorithm Design and Analysis.
    Topics include basic analysis techniques, graph algorithms, intro to randomized algorithms, dynamic programming, NP-completeness, approximation algorithms. More details at 122A web page

    ECS122B: Algorithm Design and Analysis. W2007
    Followup to 122A. Covers more advanced topics and also has more of a focus on coding, timing and profiling to see how algorithms perform in practice. More details at 122B web page

    Some Recent Publications

    For selected recent publications: recent publications

    Some Recent Talks

    For powerpoint of some recent talks: some recent talks

    Other Interests

    In my spare time I play some bridge, winning (so far) 7 world championships and 32 national championships. I am a member of the American Contract Bridege league Hall of Fame and am ranked in the top 13 in the world for lifetime performance. I am also chair of the National Laws Committee. Bridge Bio