Workshop on Runtime Systems for Parallel Programming (RTSPP)
Geneva, Switzerland - Saturday, April 5, 1997

to be held in conjunction with the

11th International Parallel Processing Symposium ( IPPS'97 )

Invited talks by: Alok Choudhary, Steve Chapin, and Andrew Chien

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Runtime systems are critical to the implementation of parallel programming languages and libraries. They provide the core functionality of a particular programming model and the glue between the model and the underlying hardware and operating system. As such, runtime systems have a large impact on the performance and portability of parallel programming systems.

Despite the importance of runtime systems, few papers describing their design and implementation appear in the literature. RTSPP will provide a forum for which researchers can present their results and ideas on runtime systems for parallel programming. The one-day workshop will include both paper presentations and invited talks. The paper presentations were selected after a careful reviewing process; each paper was reviewed by at least three members of the program committee.

Advance Program

8:30 - 9:15 Invited talk

Runtime Support for Parallel I/O
Alok Choudhary, Northwestern University, USA

9:30 - 10:30 Session 1

Predictable Network Computing using Message-driven Scheduling
Holger Karl, Andreas Polze, and Matthias Werner, Humboldt-University of Berlin, Germany

The LiPS Runtime Systems based on Fault-Tolerant Tuple Space Machines

Thomas Setz and Thomas Liefke, Technische Hochshule Darmstadt, Germany
-------- Morning Break --------

11:00 - 12:00 Session 2

A Portable Run-Time System for the SR Concurrent Programming Language
Gregory Benson and Ronald Olsson, University of California, Davis, USA

Distributed Shared-Memory Threads: DSM-Threads

Frank Mueller, Humboldt-University of Berlin, Germany
-------- Lunch --------

13:30 - 14:15 Invited talk

Run-Time Support for Parallel Processing in Legion
Steve Chapin, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA

14:30 - 15:30 Session 3

Runtime Support for Task Migration on Distributed Memory Architectures
Yvon Jegou, IRISA/INRIA, France

ARTS -- Flexible Runtime Support for Massively Parallel Systems

Lars Buettner and Joerg Nolte, GMD/FIRST, Germany
-------- Afternoon Break --------

16:00 - 16:45 Invited talk

Efficient Runtime Support for Concurrent Objects: the Illinois Concert System
Andrew Chien, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Program Committee

Greg Andrews, University of Arizona, USA
Henri Bal, Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands
Greg Benson, University of California, Davis, USA
Wim Bohm, Colorado State University, USA
Denis Caromel, University of Nice - INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France
Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Dennis Gannon, Indiana University, USA
Dirk Grunwald, University of Colorado, USA
Matthew Haines, University of Wyoming, USA
Koen Langendoen, Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands
Frank Mueller, Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, Germany
Ron Olsson, University of California, Davis, USA


This workshop is being held as part of IPPS'97. All workshop attendees are expected to pay for the IPPS'97 registration, which includes access to all sessions and workshops, coffee break and refreshments, as well as a number of lunches and receptions. Information about IPPS'97 can be obtained over the Web at the following URL: http://cuiwww.unige.ch/~ipps97 .

Workshop Organizers

Matthew Haines (haines@cs.uwyo.edu) -- General Chair
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY 82071-3682
Phone: (307) 766-2440
Fax: (307) 766-4036

Koen Langendoen (koen@cs.vu.nl) -- Program Chair
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Vrije Universiteit
de Boelelaan 1081a
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 44 47754
Fax: +31 20 44 47653

Greg Benson (benson@cs.ucdavis.edu) -- Co Chair
Department of Computer Science
University of California
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (916) 752-6476
Fax: (916) 752-4767