The JR test suite ($JR_HOME/vsuite) contains numerous example programs.  The table below lists a few of the tests that correspond to standard concurrent programming problems.

The JR test suite also contains numerous example programs for the three preprocessors: ccr2jr, csp2jr, and m2jr.  These preprocessors convert CCR-style, CSP-style, and monitor-style code into JR code.  See the man pages in $JR_HOME/jr/man/ for more information.  The last three rows in the table below list representative programs.

Representative JR Example Programs
JR test program (in $JR_HOME/vsuite) description
 ./baby "Hello World"
./misc/dp/centralized/1 Dining Philosophers
(centralized version)
./misc/dp/decentralized/2 Dining Philosophers
(decentralized version)
./misc/rw/21 Readers/Writers
(uses multiple VMs)
./misc/rw/07 Readers/Writers
(using JR's op inheritance to get a preferential server)
./misc/network_topology/4 Network Topology
(also shows how to read)
./misc/bag_of_tasks/parallel/2 Adaptive Quadrature using (Parallel) Bag of Tasks
./misc/bag_of_tasks/distributed/2 Adaptive Quadrature using (Distributed) Bag of Tasks
./misc/dha/1 Jacobi Iteration using Distributed Heartbeat Algorithm
./misc/sieve/3 Prime Numbers using a Sieve (pipeline)
./misc/beer 99 bottles of beer on the wall
./environment/args how to deal with command line arguments
./examples/ccr2jr/rw CCR-style version of Readers/Writers
./examples/csp2jr/dp1 CSP-style version of Dining Philosophers
./examples/m2jr/bb1 Monitor-style version of Bounded Buffer