UNIX-centric instructions for downloading and installing JR.   For Windows installation, following these instructions with what should be straightforward changes; also see the Window-specific instructions

JR will work fine with Cygwin running under Windows.  (The Perl that JR uses can be installed as part of Windows or within the Cygwin environment, but the Java that JR uses must be installed as part of Windows.)
                       unzip jr.zip
jrv/jrv vm/basic
This test needs to be run by hand, since we don't know the names of your hosts.  The first test repeats the above test just to be sure.  The second test puts the second VM on a different physical machine; substitute the name of another machine (one on which you have an account, have set up your .rhosts and .cshrc as described above, etc.) in your network for `MACHINENAME' below.

  cd vm/basic

The output from these tests should contain no errors.
                              jrv/jrv vm/address/java
  • On systems with statically assigned IP addresses, this test should pass.  If not, check that the /etc/hosts file contains the actual IP address of the host, e.g., it should look like the 2 lines:        localhost.localdomain localhost        pc133.cs.ucdavis.edu

not the 1 line (as was the default on at least some RedHat Linux systems):  pc133.cs.ucdavis.edu pc133 localhost.localdomain localhost

(Your system administrator will have to change that file for you.)