Instructions for turning in homework - Gradescope

The following explains how to turn in your homework problems.
  1. To access the homework portal, go to and create an account with your UCD email. It will send you a link to confirm your identity. If you don’t see ECS127 when you log in (for instance, if you added the class late), send TA your email address and student ID number and he will add you manually. If you need the course code for gradescope, it’s M8D26M.
  2. Solutions can be submitted in one of two ways. The preferred way is to submit a single PDF, preferably typeset using Word or LaTeX or the like, but otherwise neatly hand-written and scanned. In a pinch, you can, instead, send a photo of each solution. But beware if using a photo: if the image is too blurry to coveniently read, you will not get credit.
  3. Please typeset each problem on a separate page.
  4. Go back to gradescope for credit distribution and feedback on your solutions. The final score will be reflected on Smartsite.
  5. Homewors are due at 11:50 am on the indicated day.