Awards and Honors Received


·       Lifetime Achievement Award from Vanguri Foundation, 2014

·       Komarraju Lakshmanarao Appreciation Award, Telugu Wikipedia, 2013

·       Best short story Award ($116) from Vanguri Foundation of America, 2013

·       Achievement Award, TANA, 2011

·       Best short story Award ($116) from Vanguri Foundation of America, 2011

·       Fulbright-Nehru Lecturer Award, 2010

·       Rachana Magazine “kathapithaM” award (Rs. 1,116)

·       Second prize in the Essay category in the Vanguri Foundation’s Creative Writing Contest, July

·       Gopichand Award, Vamsee Art Theatres International, (Cash award and a Citation, July. 2004)

·       FIRST PRIZE in the Essay category in the First Telugu Creative Writing Contest for Telugu Residents of North America & NRI Telugu Writers Worldwide conducted by ATA, July 2004

·       Distinguished Public Service Award, University of California, Davis (Cash award and a Citation, Feb. 1997)

·       Outstanding Paper Award, for the paper "An investigation of DNA mapping with genetic algorithms" co-authored with Ph. D student Walter Cedeño, at WNN/FNN'93, November 7-10, 1993, San Francisco, CA. (Recd. the award in March 95)

·       Outstanding Paper Award, for the paper "Exploring phase space concepts in the forecasting of time series using artificial neural networks" co-authored with R. D. Rogers, at WNN/FNN'93, November 7-10, 1993, San Francisco, CA. (Recd. the award in March 95)

·       Best Research Project of the Undergraduate Summer Institute on Contemporary Topics in Applied Science, "Role of artificial neural networks in making short-range predictions of chaotic time series," Citation and cash award, by Fannie and John Hertz Foundation, Aug. 92. (Project jointly supervised with Dr. R. D. Rogers).

·       Certificate of Merit in Neural Networks Paradigm Comparison Student Paper Competition at WNN'92, November 4-6, 1992, South Shore Harbor, Texas for the paper "Performance comparison of some neural network paradigms for solving the seismic phase identification problem" co-authored by my Ph. D student G. S. Jang and Dr. F. D. Dowla

·       Meritorious Service Award for service as Editor-in-Chief of CS Press of IEEE, 1993.

·       Cited for Best Review of 1989, ACM Computing Reviews

·       Certificate of Appreciation for dedicated service as a member of the CS Press of IEEE Editorial Board, February 25, 1991


·       Keynote Speaker, First Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Hyderabad, India, Dec. 18-20, 2003

·       Keynote Speaker, Sixth International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Expert Systems, Crema, Italy, Sep. 16-19, 2002.

·       Visiting Professor, Lund University, Lund, Sweden. November 2002.

·       Associate Editor, Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, 2001-

·       Distinguished Visitor, IEEE Computer Society, 1996-1999

·       Associate Editor, International Journal of Knowledge-based Intelligent Engineering Systems, 1996-

·       Distinguished Visiting Professor, Universidad Nacional de San Luis, San Luis, Argentina, November 1994.

·       Chair, IEEE Working Group on Evolutionary Computation Standards

·       Associate Editor, IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks, 1993-1996

·       ACM National Lecturer (Outreach program), Jan 94 thru June 96

·       Keynote Speaker, First New Zealand International Two-Stream Conference on Artificial Neural Networks and Expert Systems, Nov. 24-26, 1993.

·       Editor-in-Chief, CS Press of IEEE, 1990-91, 1991-92.

·       Associate Editor-in-Chief, CS Press of IEEE, 1989-90.

·       Listed in American Men and Women of Science

·       Who's Who in Computer and Information Sciences

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