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And, of course, my current and former students

2005 Mr. Spencer Matthews, TBD

2005 Ms. Na Tang, Inverse Problems in Data Poor Domains

2005 Mr. Khaled Labib, Denial of Service Attacks (or click here)

2005 Dr. Yihua Liao, User Modeling in Intrusion Detection (2005)

            2003 Mr. Hongwei Mo, Visiting doctoral student. Immune System Models

2003 Dr. Wenjie Hu, Post doc. Robust Support Vector Machines

2003 Mr. Dustin Puim, Undergraduate Summer student

2003 Mr. Alejandro Pasos, One Class Classification for Masquerader Detection (M. S.)

2002 Mr. Kuowei Huang, Security Analysis on Data Transmission over Fixed-point Broadband Wireless Network (M. S.)

2002 Mr. Vu Dao, User Modeling in Intrusion Detection (M. S.)

2002 Dr. Jian Wang, Traffic Routing in WDM Networks

2000 Dr. Subhasis Saha, Wavelets and Image Compression

1997 Dr. Kenrick Mock, Information Filtering

1995 Dr. Walter Cedeno, Genetic Algorithms

            1995 Dr. Ivan Howitt, Radial Basis Functions and Communications

1995 Dr. Jay Smart, Complex Graphs

            1995 Dr. Daniel Styer, Reinforcement Learning

            1992 Dr. Gyu-Sang Jang, Neural Nets and Seismic Signal Processing

            1981 Dr. Art Raefsky, Two-point Boundary Value Problems

            1973 Mr. Pat Tapia, Integral Equations of the First Kind (M. S.)

Saturday, 3 September 2005