Ian Davidson


Welcome! I am a Professor in the computer science department working on AI, machine learning and data mining algorithm development. With domain expert collaborators I work on applications of my work to areas with societal impacts such as neuroscience, intelligent tutoring systems and social network.

Research Areas

Read on below for more details but a common connection between my projects is novel problem settings, rigorous formulations and practical applications. I typically work with other faculty/researchers to apply my work so if you can see some potential application then please let me email me.
Current projects include:
I have several research assistantship slots available for students who are: i) self-starting, ii) understand quality research is a lot of work and iii) committed to publishing in the highest quality venues. My research is a mix of rigorous algorithm design and application to novel areas of social importance. Please read some of my work and contact me if your genuinely interested. Do NOT send form letters.

Students and Collaborators

I am fortunate to have some excellent students to work with. Current and recent students are:

Xiang Wang (first at IBM Watson), Buyue Qian (now faculty at Xi'an Jiaotong University), Tom Kuo (now at Google), Sean Gilpin (Now at Google), Aubrey Guess, Zilong Bai, Erin McGinnis, Zheng Fang, Hongjing Zhang

Contact Details

The best way to contact me is via email at davidson [at] cs [dot] ucdavis [dot] edu

My office is at Room 2083, Academic Surge. Please see this link for directions.

The University of California - Davis, Department of Computer Science