Undergraduate Computer Graphics

ECS 175
Computer Graphics

CRN #70727

FINAL - Saturday, 4pm-6pm, in our usual room, 223 Olsen.

Here is my old final from the Sp04 version of this course, which you can use as a study guide. There will probably be more material from the first half of the course on it too, and it will be a little longer.

Xeroxed answers to the practice final are in front of my office door, 3015 Kemper.

Here is the list of topics which will appear on the final.

Inside a virtual spaceship, by student Matt Hibbs.

Professor: Nina Amenta
Lecture: TuTh 1:40-3:00, 223 Olson
Lab Hours: Th 5-6, F 10-11, in 67 Kemper

Teaching Assistant: Tony Bernardin, cs175t "at" cs.ucdavis.edu
Discussion Section: Fri 4:10-5:00 147 Olson
Lab Hours: Wed 3:30-5 and Th 4:30-6, 67 Kemper

  • Syllabus
  • Course Description
  • Lectures and reading




    The textbooks are:

    Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, SECOND EDITION
    Peter Shirley, et. al.
    A K Peters, Ltd., 2005


    OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Fifth Edition
    OpenGL Architecture Review Board (Mason, Woo, et al)
    Addison Wesley Professional, 2005
    Earlier editions are fine if you want to buy it used.

    Online Resources

    Here are online books, manuals, Web sites, etc. DO NOT PRINT OUT LONG DOCUMENTS ON DEPARTMENT PRINTERS!