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Student Awards
IEEE Communication Society Communication Technology Changing Lives Award 2013 - Honorable Mention - to PhD student Eilwoo Baik
Always looking for enthusiastic, hard-working students for research
Looking for bright talented students for research. Special welcome to undergraduates in second and third year/ first years Masters and PhD students. I am always interested in hard-working, enthusiastic students who want to work in related-research areas. However, I require that the student must have studied at-least one of my paper properly.

If you do not learn about any of my past papers when you contact me, it shows to me your (in)ability for hard-work/ enthusiasm.
Drop me an email with CV/ Interests/ Projects done/ Interest in my research and a compeling reason why I should work with you/ vice-versa.

Quick Contact
Tel: (+1)-530-752-0870
Fax: (+1)-530-754-4767
Email: pande[at]ucdavis[dot]edu

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