ECS 122A - Winter 2013 Algorithm Design and Analysis - Gusfield

  • This index page will just link to the various course handouts that are available on the web, and provide some description of them.

    Distribution List

    1. Course Syllabus

    2. There are past video lectures online for some of the topics covered in the class. I will point you to those when appropriate. The past videos are found on Itunes U (see the syllabus for how to access them).

    3. REFERENCE: Introduction to complexity and rules of the game
    4. REFERENCE: A rant on induction - useful if you are unsure about how to do inductive proofs
    5. REFERENCE: Solving recurrence relations by unwrapping and the master method
    6. REFERENCE: Another exposition on the master method for solving divide and conquer recurrences

    7. Homework 1, With solution to the table problem. The full solutions are on smartsite
    8. Professor Gusfield's office hours for the quarter will be Monday 5:10 - 6pm, and Thursday 4-6pm.
    9. The Midterm Date will be Friday Feb. 15.
    10. HW 2 is now posted on Smartsite.
    11. Homework 2, due Friday Jan. 25
    12. Homework 3, due Friday Feb. 1
    13. Homework 2 solutions to several of the problems
    14. Notes on finding the strong components of a directed graph
    15. Professor Gusfield will not be able to make office hours today (thursday). He will announce in class some replacement hours tomorrow.