SIGGRAPH 2002 Course 23

Recent Advances in Non-Photorealistic Rendering
for Art and Visualization

This course gives a concise introduction to non-photorealistic rendering (NPR): generation of artistic imagery and perceptually effective scientific visualization. The lecturers will deliver working knowledge of fundamental NPR techniques and some of the advanced approaches at the forefront of NPR research. Topics include the relevance of visual perception and artistic techniques to NPR, brush-stroke rendering, paint-inspired techniques, hardware-accelerated NPR, and parallel NPR.

Organizer: Kwan-Liu Ma, University of California at Davis

Lecturers: Aaron Hertzmann, University of Washington
Victoria Interrante, University of Minnesota
Eric B. Lum, University of California at Davis

Course notes

  1. Overview
  2. NPR in Scientific Visualization
  3. Stroke-based rendering
  4. Interactive NPR

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