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IEEE Security & Privacy (ongoing)

NSA SoS Best Paper Competition (annually, deadlines in April)

IEEE Cybersecurity Award for Practice (annually, deadlines in July)

IEEE S&P (Oakland) 2024 (May 20–23, 2024)

CSET 2024 (Aug. 2024)

NSPW 2024 Sept. 16–18, 2024)

NSF Cybersecurity Summit (Oct. 7–10 2024)


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What's new:

Jan. 17, 2024: International Computing Society Recognizes 2023 Distinguished Members for Significant Achievements - Pivotal Educational, Engineering, and Scientific Contributions Recognized

Dec. 15, 2023: Announcing publication of the Operational Technology Procurement Vendor Matrix

Nov. 6, 2023: Berkeley Lab Leading the Way with New Cybersecurity Projects

Jul. 24, 2023: Updates on Trusted CI’s Efforts in Cybersecurity by Design of NSF Academic Maritime Facilities

Feb. 3, 2023: Registration Open for 3rd HPC Security Workshop at NIST NCCoE

Jan. 25, 2023: Announcing the 2023 Trusted CI Annual Challenge: Building Security Into NSF Major Facilities By Design

Dec. 5, 2022: Trusted Execution Environments Make Computing More Private

Nov. 16, 2022: Publication of the Trusted CI Roadmap for Securing Operational Technology in NSF Scientific Research

November 1, 2022: Open Science Cyber Risk Profile (OSCRP) Updated with Science DMZ, Software Assurance, Operational Technology, and Cloud Computing Elements

September 15, 2022: Scientific Data Division Summer Students Tackle Data Privacy

July 15, 2022: Findings of the 2022 Trusted CI Study on the Security of Operational Technology in NSF Scientific Research

June 28, 2022: Berkeley Lab’s Sean Peisert Tapped to Take on Deputy Director Role

June 27, 2022: Announcement of Trusted CI Director Transition

May 13, 2022: Better Scientific Software (BSSw) Helps Promote Trusted CI Guide to Securing Scientific Software

Jan. 5, 2022: Announcing the 2022 Trusted CI Annual Challenge on Scientific OT/CPS Security (Trusted CI Blog)

Dec. 14, 2021: Publication of the Trusted CI Guide to Securing Scientific Software (Trusted CI Blog)

Sept. 29, 2021: Findings Report of the 2021 Trusted CI Annual Challenge on Software Assurance Published (Trusted CI Blog)

Aug. 3, 2021: Trusted CI new co-PIs: Peisert and Shute (Trusted CI Blog)

Aug. 3, 2021: Initial Findings of the 2021 Trusted CI Annual Challenge on Software Assurance (Trusted CI Blog)

Jun. 16, 2021: Sean Peisert Named to DARPA ISAT Study Group

Jun. 7, 2021: CIGAR 'Smokes Out' Attacks on Solar Electrical Power Equipment

Mar. 30, 2021: Announcing the 2021 Trusted CI Annual Challenge on Software Assurance (Trusted CI Blog)

Oct. 21, 2020: Summer Students Tackle COVID-19

Sept. 10, 2020: Data Confidentiality Issues and Solutions in Academic Research Computing (Trusted CI Blog)

Jul. 10, 2020: Sean Peisert named editor-in-chief of IEEE Security and Privacy (IEEE CS | LBNL | UC Davis)

Jun. 23, 2020: Fantastic Bits and Why They Flip (Trusted CI Blog)

Oct. 24, 2019: Using Physics to Keep Our Electrical Grid Safe

Sept. 29, 2019: Impact of AI in DOE National Laboratories (YouTube video) (security discussion at 1'07")

May 30, 2019: Solar power opens up new targets for cyber attackers (Archer News)

April 30, 2019: Cyberattacks threaten smart inverters, but scientists have solutions

December 4, 2018: Berkeley Lab Cybersecurity Specialist Highlights Data Sharing Benefits, Challenges at NAS Meeting

November 5, 2018: CRD's Peisert to Discuss Data Sharing at National Academies' COSEMPUP Meeting (TABL)

October 26, 2018: Expert Q&A Safeguarding the Nation's Energy Infrastructure (TABL)

October 5, 2018 Berkeley Lab Contributes to $2.5M supplemental grant for NSF-funded Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

September 21, 2018 Electric grid protection through low-cost sensors, machine learning (GCN)

June 21, 2018: Lab Experts Help Coordinate ISC18, World’s First, Largest Computing Conference (TABL)

March 27, 2018: Cyber Defense Tool Is an Early Warning System for Grid Attacks (IEEE Spectrum Energywise Blog)

March 23, 2018: Into the Medical Science DMZ (Science Node)

March 15, 2018: Lab Researchers Awarded Funds for Climate Science, Cybersecurity Research (TABL)

March 7, 2018: Combination of Old and New Yields Novel Power Grid Cybersecurity Tool

January 30, 2018: Berkeley Lab Researchers Contribute to Making Blockchains Even More Robust

October 16, 2017: ESnet's Science DMZ Design Could Help Transfer, Protect Medical Research Data

September 26, 2017: Berkeley Lab Aims to Strengthen the Cybersecurity of the Grid

September 20, 2017: Helping Scientists Understand Research Cyber Risks (UC IT Blog)

August 24, 2017: Berkeley Lab's cybersecurity expert Sean Peisert discusses challenges & opportunities of securing HPC

HPC security article in Communications of the ACM

Video accompanying HPC security article on Vimeo

August 24, 2017: Open-Source Software Won't Ensure Election Security (Lawfare)

May 26, 2017: Cybersecurity: New Directions for Research and Education Networks

May 5, 2017: CENIC's Community Approach for Bringing Increased Security to Its Network and Constituent Institutions (p.7)

March 15, 2017: CENIC's Network Security Initiative

February 10, 2017: Mind the gap: Speaking like a cybersecurity pro (ScienceNode)

January 11, 2017: Building a CENIC Security Strategy

October 31, 2016: Working Group on Open Science Cybersecurity Risks Releases First Document Draft for Public Comment

September 8, 2016: On the Value of Failed Experiments in Cybersecurity

July 12, 2016: Detecting Cybersecurity Threats by Taking the Grid's Pulse (IEEE Spectrum Energywise Blog)

Jul. 11, 2016: Livermore, Berkeley National Labs Leading Project to Increase Power Grid Cybersecurity

Jun. 22, 2016: NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, ESnet Organize Working Group on Open Science Threats

April 2016: I am co-leading the Open Science Cyber Risk Profile (OSCRP) effort along with Michael Dopheide of ESnet and Von Welch and Susan Sons of IU's Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure (CTSC).

January 19, 2016: I am Chief Cybersecurity Strategist for CENIC and Director of the CENIC/ESnet Joint Cybersecurity Initiative.

Jan. 19, 2016: ESnet, CENIC Announce Joint Cybersecurity Initiative - CRD's Sean Peisert to serve as director of initiative

Jan. 12, 2016: CENIC and ESnet Announce Joint Cybersecurity Initiative

January 1, 2016: I am the vice chair and chair-elect of the IEEE Technical Committee on Security & Privacy.

June 2015: I chaired the DOE ASCR Cybersecurity Workshop in early 2015 and edited the subsequent report, and chaired the DOE ASCR Cybersecurity for Scientific Computing Integrity Workshop in June 2015 and also edited the subsequent report for that workshop.

May 12, 2015: NSF funds NetSage to analyze, improve international data networks

Mar. 20, 2015: Securing Scientific Computing Integrity

Mar. 20, 2015: Peisert Compiles Workshop Report on Securing Scientific Computing Integrity

May 2015: I was the General Chair of the 36th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy ("Oakland").

Jan. 20, 2015: CRD's Sean Peisert Guest Edits Special Issue of IEEE's Security and Privacy Magazine

December 2014: I guest edited the Nov/Dec 2014 special issue of IEEE Security & Privacy magazine on Energy Sector Control Systems.

Oct. 26, 2012 CRD's Sean Peisert Shares Cyber Security Expertise at I3P Meeting

Aug. 6, 2012: COSMOS Students Visit NERSC, ALS, and Cybersecurity Group

I teach Computer Security in Health Informatics annually in the UC Davis School of Medicine.

Student News:

November 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Adrian Chavez on finishing his dissertation!

May 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Bogdan Copos on finishing his dissertation, and his new position as a research scientist at SRI International!

May 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Ganz on finishing his dissertation!

April 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Sisi Duan on her new position as an Assistant Professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County!

April 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Sophie Engle on her promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure at University of San Francisco!

October 2015: Congratulations to Dr. Sisi Duan on winning an Alvin M. Weinberg Fellowship and joining the Computational Data Analytics Group at Oak Ridge National Lab!

March 2015: Congratulations to Dr. Anhad Singh on finishing his dissertation!

December 2014: Congratulations to Dr. Sisi Duan on finishing her dissertation!

December 2013: Enthusiastic congratulations to my Ph.D student Adrian Chavez, for winning a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)!

December 2013: Enthusiastic congratulations to my Ph.D student Sisi Duan, for winning a Leiv Eiriksson mobility programme award!

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