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Photograph of me lecturing at the blackboard (credit: R. Benjamin Shapiro, 2002).

Activities and upcoming events that I'm involved with:

IEEE Security & Privacy (ongoing)

NSA SoS Best Paper Competition (annually, deadlines in April)

IEEE Cybersecurity Award for Practice (annually, next deadline: July 1, 2023)

CSET 2023 (August 7, 2023)

NSPW 2023 (September 18–21, 2023)

2023 NSF Cybersecurity Summit (Oct. 24–26, 2023)

IEEE S&P (Oakland) 2024 (May 20–23, 2024)


Students & Postdocs

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I have had the absolute privilege to work with and learn from insanely great students.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

Current Students and Postdocs

none at present

Former Students and Postdocs

Former Ph.D. Students

Former M.S. Students

  • Chitrabhanu Gupta, M.S., June 2022.
    Project: "A Differential Privacy Framework for Clinical Data Analytics"
    Current: UC Davis ECE Ph.D. program
  • Chaoyi Du (USF), M.S., June 2012.
    Project: "Flexible Access Control for Statistical Databases"
    Employment: Software Engineer, MORE Health, Inc.
  • Bo Hu (USF), M.S., June 2012.
    Project: "Flexible Access Control for Statistical Databases"
    Employment: Machine Learning Engineer, LinkedIn

Former Postdoctoral Scholars

  • Yize Chen, July 2021–August 2022
    Research Areas: Power Systems, Machine Learning, Control, Optimization
    Employment: Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong

Former Undergraduate Students

Former Visiting Students and Postdocs

Former Visiting Graduate Students

"What Des-Cartes did was a good step. You have added much several ways, & especially in taking ye colours of thin plates into philosophical consideration. If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants.""
—Sir Issac Newton to Robert Hooke, in a letter dated Feb. 5 1676

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