ECS 222A - Winter 2012 Algorithms


Web site for Fall 2012 offering
  • PS6 solutions on smart site under resources.
  • Sample final and solutions and some Sample problems (and a solution set) are on smart site under resources.
  • My END of Quarter OH: W(3/14) 3-3:45
  • Luke OH: none W(3/14), New T (20th) 2-4, otherwise normal schedule.
  • PS5 solutions on smart site under resources.
  • Problem Set 6 PDF, Due Tuesday 3/13 3/2/12
  • Friday 3/16 lecture will be pretaped on Wed. 3/14 at 2:10.
  • Hint for PS5, problem 2: use a dynamic programming approach, and note you are allowed to compute an exponential number of values.
  • Revised PS4 solutions on smart site under resources.
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  • Course information sheet - You are responsible for everything on this

  • Lecture Schedule - Topics of completed and future lectures

  • Information on class webcasts
  • 2009 List of topics in completed lectures from 2009 offering. This offering will be similar (though MWF instead of T,Th).
  • Note that videos of lectures from a prior (similar) offering of 222A are at:
  • Itunes University
  • Also note there is a class web page on the myucdavis site. I have uploaded to this site various handouts, including slides provided by the book publisher. The one labeled 06dynamic-programming has material related to the first lecture (as well as other topics I didn't cover).
  • Planned Syllabus for this Course
  • Syllabus, Readings, and General Information