Patrice Koehl
Department of Computer Science
Genome Center
Room 4319, Genome Center, GBSF
451 East Health Sciences Drive
University of California
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (530) 754 5121

Computational Structural Bioinformatics: Winter 2024


Notes: We will use the discussion sessions to cover papers/topics that either extend what we cover in classes or open up new directions. Hopefully this will lead to interesting discussions! Please read the papers/handouts prior to coming to discussions...

Number Topic Slides Papers / Videos/ Handout
1 Pymol tutorial None Getting started with Pymol
2 Ethics: utilitarianism and deontology Introduction to utilitarianism video on the trolley problem
5 Sequence alignments None Handwritten Notes from class on 2/06 PDF document
6 BLAST None Handwritten Notes from class on 2/13 PDF document
7 Utility None
8 Machine learning None
2 Polygenic index and education None videos:

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