Watershed Sciences II, Room 2111; University of Californa Davis; Davis, CA 95616

(530) 752-2149


My research interests cover a broad range to topics in cyber-security. My main focus has traditionally been upon run-time security monitoring including intrusion detection, large-scale monitoring architectures and adaptive response and defenses. Past research topics have included,
  • Spreading malware detection and defense (Internet worms).
  • Resilient system design.
  • Artificial diversity to break monoculture vulnerabilities.
  • Control theoretic approaches to adaptive defense.
  • Security testing and evaluation.
Currently I have the following active research projects underway.
  • Social networks for security.
  • Argumentation logic for reasoning about cyber-security.
  • Security for critical-infrastructures.
  • Securing the next-generation SmartGrid.
  • Cyber-physical system security.
  • Diagnosis-based intrusion detection.

Curriculum Vitae

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